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New Year Beauty Essentials Part 2

As Mother Nature steps into hardcore mode, our skincare needs to do the same. Here are the products I rely on to navigate these frigid temperatures.

Baby it’s cold outside so let’s focus on keeping our skin soft and glowing. Let’s start with kissable lips, as we all know dry lips don’t get kisses. A product I recently discovered that I highly recommend is Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy by Fresh. It keeps my lips soft during some bitterly cold days in NY. I’m actually having a Fresh moment because I’m also loving their Sugar Honey Shine Lip Treatment. I must mention one of my favorite smells by Fresh; Brown Sugar Eau de parfum. So now that we are kissable and smell delicious, let’s make sure everywhere else feels just as good.

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Honey Girl Organics offers superb skincare that I will continue to use in 2015. Their skin food truly delivers, as does their face & eye cream. Check out their website to read my full review. Https://www.honeygirlorganics.com/testimonial-home/Emma-j-purvey-actress-and-print-model/

Another product I like to use around my eyes is Argan oil and Starflower line eraser by Acure. It is so moisturizing and I love how it feels on my skin. Bonus points as it can be taken on commercial airlines. We love that. You know how I love my Tarte, well their Pure Maracuja Oil Rollerball is so travel friendly (and it’s very convenient for nights out). It is rich in essential fatty acids known to recharge and replenish the skin. Maracuja oil works to rejuvenate and deliver an even toned complexion, while its infusion of vitamin C creates the appearance of brighter skin. Tarte products rock!

I’m a lover of face sprays, during the winter our skin goes from cold to hot constantly. To help combat the drying effects while inside I use Organic Bulgarian Rose Water. It feels extremely refreshing.

Exfoliating is just as important for smooth skin during the winter months. I have been searching for Burt’s Bees citrus facial scrub (ever since Wholefoods discontinued it) and I finally found it in Target. I love this scrub and notice the difference immediately after using it. It exfoliates and moisturizes your skin in one product. I have also used their Repair Serum for years and got my mum onto this powerful elixir. It is great for layering under your moisturizer.

So how am I fine-tuning my skincare for 2015. Well I am combining the above products with everything in part 1 of my New Year Beauty Essentials to support my WHOLEbody. I’ve also realized that when you really appreciate and love life you are deeply blessed and it radiates from the inside out. Life is such a gift and we can do anything and that is an empowering thought. I’ve noticed some people are threatened by that inner joy and love and that’s ok. We can only save ourselves but by saving ourselves and loving ourselves we inspire others to do the same. So be yourself. Shine bright and never ever dim your light! Let’s make this an epic year on every level!

Tarte and Fresh are available at Sephora. All other products are available at your local Wholefoods unless otherwise stated.

Emma J Purvey is represented by MMG model management in NYC and World Models in Miami Beach.

Photo credit to Lenka Drstakova.

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