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Valentines Beauty Essentials

My dad always said, “Valentines day is for amateurs.” While I agree with him and firmly believe romance should be spontaneous and consistent throughout the year, I find myself inspired by the extra emphasis on love & romance right now. After all you can never have too much romance in your life. So here’s my very first Valentines Beauty Essentials…

Emma Makeup

It’s time to play…we hear Madonnas Erotica while rolling around in our Agent Provocateur lingerie with our silky smooth skin and red lips. “Erotic…Erotic…Put your hands all over my body…Erotica…romance…” There’s nothing like being kissed all over so here’s your guide to irresistible skin…

I’ve recently been using Acure Organics ‘firming body lotion’ with lemongrass and argan oil. With the intense cold we’ve had in NYC, it’s been through the ultimate test and passed! Talking of Acure Organics I also love the fresh smelling ‘Cell Stimulating body wash’ again with argan oil. The smell is invigorating first thing in the morning after a night of love making. Another way to guarantee smooth skin is to use a body scrub. While on Boca Grande Island I discovered a true gem at the beautiful Gasparilla Inn called ‘WaterMelon-Basil Vodkatini body polish’ by FarmHouse Fresh. It combines square one brand organic vodka, basil and watermelon seed oils with sugar and rice bran oils. It smells and feels incredible (www.farmhousefreshgoods.com). A side note on scrubs, my two favorites for the face are Acure Organics ‘Brightening Facial Scrub’ and MyChelle ‘Fruit Enzyme Scrub’. As I’ve mentioned before massage works wonders for your skin tone and it’s the perfect appetizer to any romantic getaway. The Gasparilla Inn Spa is magnificent. The staff are extremely friendly and knowledgable (www.the-Gasparilla-inn.com)

The best accessory is always glowing skin. I’m all about serums and oils as they penetrate deeper into the epidermis, therefore having more optimum results. Facial oils have perfect affinity with our skins cutaneous lipids and work to the core of the epidermis. These oils are rapidly absorbed by the skin. Serums are water based, containing vitamins and antioxidants. They penetrate further into the skin then moisturizers, thus making them extremely effective. The main reason to use a facial serum is to get added nutrients into the deeper layers of your skin, a regular moisturizer is simply unable to achieve this. They are meant to work in sync with each other (much like a good relationship really). A moisturizer protects on the outside and also enhances the effect of the serum or oil. My go to moisturizer is still ‘Honey Girl Organics Face and Eye cream’ it works as a barrier against the elements. My skin drinks it up and glows as a result. Argan oil has now become a staple in my skincare regimen; I love how it works for my skin and hair. Acure Organics ‘Moroccan Argan Oil’ is ideal for traveling. I must also mention their ‘Seriously Firming serum’ packed with an impressive ensemble of oils and it smells so fresh. I recently discovered a fabulous product while at Late Bloomer Farm (www.latebloomerfarm.com) that I have to mention as the owner was so gracious. This ‘Advanced Nightly Skin Repair’ by Ora’s Amazing Herbal also has an impressive ensemble of ingredients that work effortlessly together. This face oil serum got me through the bitter cold in Montreal recently.

Emma lipstick

Now that our skin is glowing let’s talk lipstick. I’m wearing Chanel Rouge Allure luminous intense lip color in ‘Coromandel’. Another favorite is the Opaque Rouge liquid lipstick in ‘Icon’ by Hourglass. These two reds are moisturizing and have staying power.

To finish the look this Valentines let’s create the ultimate cat eye, a la Brigitte Bardot. My latest discovery is ‘They’re Real Push-Up liner’ by Benefit. It works.

Remember the ultimate glow can not be brought, it comes from making love to the one that brings out the best in you…until next time beauty lovers. Shine bright like a diamond!


Emma J is an actress and model based in NYC. Her agency is MMG model management and The Mary Anne Claro Talent Agency.

Photo credit to Lenka Drstakova.

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