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Hair Beauty Essentials, Spring Edition

Here is Emma with another Beauty Essentials post. You can read all of her posts here.

As an actress and model my hair is put to the test. In this beauty essentials I’m sharing what I’ve learnt and what works.

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As my regular beauty essential lovers know, my approach to beauty is holistic. So therefore my hair care starts on the inside. I’ve been using Hemp seed oil again recently. It is 80% essential fatty acid, the highest amount of any other plant. It has the ideal ratio of omega-3 (in hemp seed oil this enhances the texture of hair, which makes it look shinier as well as stronger) and omega-6 fatty acids. This also provides the scalp with lots of vital amino acids. I see it as moisturizing your hair from the inside out (and of cause your largest organ – skin). Another option is Sea buckthorn, which contains the magical Omega-7. This omega helps combat dryness and improves hair elasticity. It protects against oxidative damage, helps hair retain moisture better, and it even helps repair sun-damaged hair and skin. I’ve previously used Sibu sea buckthorn beauty products and I highly recommend this brand. Take a look at www.sibubeauty.com

When I can, I wear my hair slicked back using coconut oil as a leave in conditioner (it is superb for dry hair). I do this occasionally overnight too (good job my baby likes coconuts – wink wink). Although recently my hair stylist warned me that it can leave a residue the next day, even after a few shampoos, making it harder to style so be warned. Keep it light. I use Natures Gate organic extra virgin coconut oil. (Which I also use to moisturize my face and body – the results are radiant skin that is hard to resist).

I try to limit the amount of products I use when it comes to hair styling. I believe less is more. I actually just use a little argan oil to combat any frizz (this wonder oil is my travel buddy because it works equally well for the face). I’m a fan of Acure organics Moroccan Argan oil with rose (the soothing blend of Rose geranium & lemongrass creates a calming smell). Their ‘leave-in conditioner’ with argan oil Is ultra hydrating and leaves hair feeling moisturized while being weightless. Great for the beach and while on the go in the city. I’m a lover of their ‘Pure mint & Echinacea Stem Cell Intense Volume Conditioner’. First of all it smells incredibly fresh, making it an invigorating smell to start the day. Secondly it’s packed with quinoa protein, babassu oil and helps limp/fine hair. Their accompanying shampoo feels just as stimulating. To keep my hair from drying out I use the ‘Root & Hair Deep Repair’ mask. If you color your hair like me, this protects the hair cortex locking in moisture and color. It has that energizing mint smell also. As mentioned in my previous Spring Beauty Essentials, Acure Organics is now available at Target! This is one of my absolute favorite beauty lines, you have to try them!

When I do need hair products I turn to John Masters Organics. In particular I’m an avid fan of their ‘Sea Mist’ sea salt spray with lavender. It smells delicious and feels great on the hair. When wearing my hair back I do like to use the ‘Hair Pomade’ for my baby hairs around my hairline. And as an alternative option for wearing my hair slicked back I use (and have done for years now) Burt’s Bees Avocado Butter pre-shampoo Hair Treatment, with nettles and rosemary. I love the consistency of this product and it leaves my hair feeling very moisturized.

As a teenager I was loyal to L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray but as my approach to beauty evolved I learnt how toxic hairspray was, so I cut it out of my hair styling routine. However, while at ‘The Women in the World Summit’ in NYC last week I tried Doves hairspray (as one of the sponsors their products were available in the bathroom). It rocked! So if you use hairspray then I have to say this created va va voom in my hair darh-ling.  As a side note the summit inspired me beyond belief and empowered me so much. I just want to share this with all of you, as you already know none of what I say matters without loving ourselves first, beauty radiates from the inside out. Self confidence is born out of self love and action. Follow your dreams whatever they are. I just felt compelled to say that.

And whatever hair style you rock, remember healthy hair is the sexiest!

All products mentioned are available at your local wholefoods.

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Emma is represented by the Mary Anne Claro Agency and MMG model management in NYC. You can stay up to date with Emma on social media at www.twitter.com/@emmajactress

Photo credit: Lenka Drstakova and Steven Santana.

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