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Travel Beauty Essentials

Today Emma shares her travel beauty essentials. You can see all of Emma’s posts here.

I’ve often mentioned my love of products that are travel friendly and while packing my suitcase last week I thought why not share my travel beauty essentials (and today I have guest tips from my mum).

We hear Alicia Keys, ‘This Girl is on Fire’ as we buckle up….”she got her head in the clouds and she’s not backing down – this girl is on fire…this girl is on fire…she’s walking on fire…this girl is on fire….She’s on top of the world…hottest of the hottest girls…”

I will start with a simple essential that we can all use more of; water. When I asked my mum what her travel beauty essentials are, her reply was water. My mum (who travels frequently between America and England) told me that she starts by drinking water while at the airport and then consistently throughout the flight. I have to endorse this. It really is our internal moisturizer. My mum also mentioned that she uses Bare Minerals make-up while flying, as it allows her skin to breathe. Thanks Mum. Great travel beauty essentials.

emma and her mom
Emma & her mum in Thailand


My travel beauty essentials start on the inside the day before. I like to take extra shots of ginger, lemon and cayenne to support my immune system. I also take chlorophyll on the flight and add it to my mineral water. I use the 2 fl oz travel friendly ChlorOxygen by Herbs Etc. Chlorophyll gives plants their green pigment. It is also responsible for channeling the Suns rays into chemical energy for photosynthesis in all plants. In human beings, chlorophyll is one of the few substances that pulls more oxygen into the cells, while simultaneously protecting all of the cells from oxidative (free radical) damage. Almost every bodily process is somehow related to oxygen usage. I could talk exclusively about the endless benefits of chlorophyll, however let me focus on flying. It helps with altitude acclimation, boosts the immune system, increases energy and improves concentration. I highly recommend using chlorophyll throughout the year.

I’m a fan of face sprays and I absolutely love them while flying. I just discovered one of my all time favorite face sprays has a travel friendly size. ‘Solar recover Save Your Skin’ rocks! It feels so good on the skin! As a bonus I spray this on my hair to freshen it up and combat any frizz. Check out www.solarrecover.com

To eliminate the drying effects of flying I use Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn seed oil. It is concentrated so a little goes a long way and it’s so travel friendly.

My mum also mentioned that she uses hand cream while flying. Badger cuticle cream is organic and contains soothing Shea butter. I use it for my fingers and toes. I love these little tins that fit anywhere. I have so much to discover within this travel friendly brand, however there are a few staples I’ve used consistently including the Damascus rose face oil (1oz bottle). This antioxidant rich, 100% organic blend of precious plant oils is formulated to restore and protect delicate or dry skin. The Damascus Rose beauty balm is my favorite product from Badgers. It has so many uses, so it’s ideal for traveling. I tend to use it on my eye area, although it can be used on your hands, elbows, heels. Wherever your skin needs it really. Rose is very soothing and I have become more attracted to products containing rose recently.
Check out Www.badgerbalm.com

Finally my staple; Argan Oil. It really is such a fabulous tool for flying as it has multiple uses. I even used it to remove eye make up in a pinch recently. This one bottle will combat frizz, moisturize skin and even hands. I’ve used it on my toes & heels also. My go to Argan Oils are Mychelle and Acure. Both fantastic, both organic and travel friendly.
Check out www.Mychelle.com and www.acureorganics.com

So beauty lovers with these travel essentials you will arrive at your destination looking flawless.
Until next time…happy travels.

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Emma is represented by MMG Model management in NYC and World Models in Miami.

Photo credit to Lenka Drstakova.


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