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Makeup Wars, Keune So Pure Hair Care

Makeup Wars

For this Makeup Wars, the Makeup Wars bloggers all tried Keune products that the company was nice enough to provide to us. In my case, I tried items from the the So Pure line, which is a moisturizing line of products that are paraben and sulfate free. I avoid sulfates in part because they don’t play well with my Keratin straightening treatments and  in part because sulfates tend to cause acne for me around my hair line. I also have color treated hair, and sulfates can act to fade color quicker.


The Keune So Pure shampoo and conditioner include olive oil and shea butter, which left my hair silky soft. I loved that! They also smell good, with a sort of juniper type of scent to them. The website says it is actually a mixture of mint and rosemary, plus the products have jasmine and sandalwood. Men would probably be just as happy with them as women, as the scent is not particularly feminine. I also tried an argan oil defrizzing treatment before blow drying that was quite nice. I pretty much am always a fan of argan oil.

Keune overnight conditioner

The products mentioned above were nice, but the really big deal product in the package for me was the Keune So Pure Moisturizing Overnight Repair. This reminded me a lot of a product I used years ago, Kronos Phyx, that I loved, but that also is generally sold with a subscription plan, which I don’t love. Well, I have found my replacement! With the Keune So Pure overnight treatment, you simply apply a small amount to your hair before bed. It will feel generally dry, so it can be tempting to put in way more than you need. In reality a little goes a long way. The product then stays on overnight. When you wash it out the next morning, you are left with super soft hair! I love this stuff. The product has the same mint and rosemary scent, which is a bit strong, but it wears off quickly and didn’t bother me. Plus I love the result so much, that I wouldn’t care if the scent stuck around.  If you need extra moisture in your hair, this is a good product to give a try.

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Keune makes a lot of different products and has multiple lines for different hair needs. See what the other bloggers tried through the links below!

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