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How I Prevent and Treat Blisters

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prevent and treat running blisters

As a marathon and ultra marathon runner, I put a lot of miles on my feet. I also have battled with blisters on many occasions, not just from running, but from exercise in general and from everyday shoes, especially heels. But there are ways to prevent blisters and proper ways to treat them when they happen. I definitely have learned a few tricks that I can share!

Preventing Blisters

compeed blister treatment

Keep your Feet Smooth: Blister prevention starts with smooth feet. While many runners seem to think that developing calluses will protect the feet, in reality that rough skin often rubs more, and blisters can occur under and around the rough area. So, whether you have calluses from running or dry heels from wearing dress shoes, work those area with a pumice stone or other device and use moisturizers to keep the area smooth.

Keep Toenails Short: Runners often blister around the toenail area when the nails get a bit too long and start bumping into the shoe.

Wear the Right Socks: Moisture leads to blisters. So,wear moisture wicking socks and change socks if they get wet. When I run an ultra marathon, I change my socks every few hours.  Most of all, avoid cotton socks, which hold moisture against the skin and can rapidly cause blisters.

Lubricate Problem Areas: Applying petroleum jelly or another lubricant to your feet will go a long way toward preventing blisters by decreasing friction between your foot and your shoe.

Cover Problem Areas: Runners will try all sorts of tricks to cover areas prone to blisters. I have been known to use duct tape. But  for an easier way or for areas that are hard to cover, try a blister cushion.  COMPEED® Blister Medium Cushions provide a nice cushion that fits easily over problem areas. They are particularly great for your heels before putting on a pair of dress shoes! As I discuss next, they also are a wonderful treatment product.

Treating Blisters

compeed medium blister cushion

If you do get  a blister you want to be sure that you treat it properly.  Do not remove the skin from the top of a blister. Doing so invariably leads to pain. Instead, clean and cover the area to protect it. This is where COMPEED® Blister Medium Cushions come in. These blister cushions have been a secret of European women for  30 years and are now making their way to the U.S. market only at Walgreens.

Unlike a  traditional bandage, COMPEED® Medium Blister Cushions completely covers blisters. With hydrocolloid technology, the cushions act like a breathable second skin while providing cushion and relief from pain. They also keep out  water, dirt, and bacteria. To use them,  apply the cushion firmly over the blister and leave it in place until it starts to detach naturally. This could take several days. The cushions fit quite well on any area of the foot and even remain firmly in place over curved areas like heels and toes.

The package for the cushions is nice an compact. It fits perfectly in my running bag.

running bag

97% of women who rated and reviewed COMPEED® Blister Medium Cushions said they would recommend the product to a friend. That is pretty impressive. You can find them only at Walgreens in the foot care section. In my store, that was close to the pharmacy on the back wall. Look for the foot care section under the treatments sign.

walgreens foot care section

You can get COMPEED® Blister Medium Cushions only at Walgreens. #CompeedUS

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