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Winter Beauty Essentials Part 3 and Giveaway

Note from Carleen: Be sure to check out the giveaway at the end of this post!

Hello December….While enjoying the last month of 2015 let’s make sure we skip into 2016 with glowing skin…

Today I am sharing my beauty essentials as we navigate the bright lights of the holiday season. First of all I’ve found that my skin is getting dry so I’ve had to consciously remind myself to drink more water. As motivation I now keep a jug of mineral water with lemon and cucumber (recently inspired by the love of my life) in my fridge. Lemons are a super fruit. Their benefits include; boosting immunity, helping to avoid sugar cravings, encourage healthy spot-free skin, improve digestion, aid weight loss and improve detoxification! Lemons are also extremely high in vitamin C (think glowing smooth skin) and one of the most alkalizing foods. As I’ve mentioned before it’s all about an alkaline body, when your body is too acidic that is a breeding ground for disease. Now I used to think cucumber had no value….how wrong I was! Cucumbers have vitamins A,B & C, which boost your immune system, keep you radiant and give you energy. Also high in potassium, magnesium and silicon so your skin will love you! These are just a few of the main benefits….now that we are hydrated inside, let’s support our skin with a moisturizing barrier on the outside.

emma winter beauty essentials 2
Photo by Lenka Drstakova for MMG model management.

My main winter beauty essential is yes you guessed it….Coconut Oil. It’s multiple uses make it a one stop beauty product. It keeps my skin soft all over from my head to my toes. I even use it on my lips to keep them moisturized, After all no-one wants to kiss dry lips…And as my regular beauty essential lovers know I’m also a fan of coconut oil as a moisturizing hair mask. I am making sure to use a body scrub (possibly even more important then during the summer). I’m still loving ‘Trader Joes Lavender salt scrub’. It locks in moisture for super soft skin.

emma winter beauty essentials
Rocking coconut oil as a hair product…

I have a few options for day moisturizers, one that really works and is not too heavy is ‘Acure Day Cream’ and it smells delicious. I still love to layer my skincare as oils and serums penetrate deeper, therefore keeping the skin more moisturized. Mychelle have a serum that I am a huge fan of called, ‘Apple Brightening Serum’ – blended with apple plant stem cells and Algowhite algae, this advanced brightening serum refines and illuminates skin while promoting healthy skin. I will even use this under Acure argan oil. So first I apply the Apple Brightening Serum, followed by a few drops of argan oil and then a moisturizer. Living in New York means our skin is tested at this time of year, so another go to moisturizer I rely on is ‘HoneyGirl Organics Super Skin Food’. This healing formula is food for the skin. It includes Royal jelly and vitamin E to deeply penetrate stressed skin and even works for such skin conditions as eczema, psoriasis and severely dry rough skin. It works wonders and if I had to chose one moisturizer to get me through the winter it would be this one. Read more on what I have to say at http://www.honeygirlorganics.com/blog/Emma-j-purvey-actress-and-print-model/

The skin around our eyes is thinner then the rest of our face and can dry out from the cold. I like to use Dr.Hauschka ‘Eye Balm’ – it gently envelopes the area around the eyes and offers protective care with intense moisturizing benefits. Another alternative is the ‘Argan Oil and Starflower Line Eraser’ by Acure. It is very moisturizing and can be used around the lips as well.

A major beauty essential I highly recommend is ‘Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose Water’ Spray. Especially when back and forth between the frigid temperatures and the seriously drying artificial heat indoors. I spray my face while at home and when on the go and even take it to set. It soothes, hydrates and moisturizes the skin and rose water helps to maintain the skins pH balance. Rose water even helps to treat mild scalp inflammations and dandruff that are caused by fungal infections and the antioxidant properties of Rose water help to strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues. I spritz my hair if it needs it during the day, just to freshen it up from the elements and it smells good!

A hand cream (great for the feet too) that is superb is ‘skin food’ by Weleda. This can even be used on the face for when winter is in hardcore mode. It truly acts as a protective barrier. All products are available at your local Wholefoods.

These are the main stars of my winter beauty essentials that will keep you looking  flawless as we write the last chapter of 2015….and as it is that special time of year I have teamed up with my favorite plant protein brand, VEGA, to offer their new VegaSport Protein to one of you gorgeous beauty lovers. Details below!

Giveaway: Win a large tub of Vega Sport Performance Protein and a Shaker Cup

Vega Sport Performance Protein is a new protein blend that is amazing on digestion, smooth, and delicious. It  also has added turmeric, tart cherry, probiotics, and bromelain. Vega is giving away a large tub of this new protein and a shaker cup. To enter, use the rafflecopter widget below.  US only, 18 and over, void where prohibited.

To enter by leaving a comment answer this question: What do you most enjoy about Emma’s Beauty Essentials series? Note that you can read all of Emma’s post here.

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