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Valentines Beauty Essentials…

Valentines Beauty Essentials….from my heart to yours.

Let’s talk love. It is the most powerful force and we all need it. Let’s talk heartbreak – it feels like your heart is exploding, so as I carry my heavy heart let’s focus on self love this valentines. And as my daddy always told me, “Valentines is for amateurs” and I tend to agree as romance should be spontaneous and consistent throughout a relationship. Love is so powerful and sometimes our hearts won’t let go. So today if you are experiencing heartache I want you to know I am right there with you….know and trust this; when two people are meant to be together and if it really is true love nothing will keep you apart. Life is all about timing so love yourself, do what makes you happy, dive into life and open your heart to all the greatness waiting for you.

I want to share a couple of quotes from the phenomenal late author, Maya Angelou.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”

“Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option”

Love starts from within because only then can we fully love another. That brings me onto today’s beauty essentials. I’m sharing self loving essentials you can enjoy this valentines.

Let’s start with massage. I have to say it is one of my greatest pleasures in the world. I look at massage as a part of my healthcare maintenance as the inner benefits are endless including; improving our posture, deep breathing, enhancing a calm mind and it promotes joint flexibility to name just a few. And may I add, it really helps your skintone (think sexy smooth skin) and most importantly any muscle tension. Having a massage from the one you love is the ultimate, the benefits of touch have been scientifically proven again and again for us humans.

Yoga has been part of my life since I was a teenager. It has had such a huge impact on my posture, breathing (which has been especially great for acting), keeping me balanced, grounded and very flexible. It is also a great way to check in with yourself. I actually notice a significant difference in myself and that I’m leaner since yoga entered my life. Namaste everyone.

Nature. As a city girl I crave nature. I do have a large tree outside my window and hear the birds singing sometimes which is beautiful….but there’s nothing like being in an open space. Recently, while working in Florida, I took the time to walk along the beach and soak up my favorite element; the ocean. It calms me so much and helps put everything in perspective. In the city I will ride my bike along the water or go to Central Park. Walking is also very relaxing. So get out in nature. Feel the abundance and beauty all around us.

Under the stars at the Ritz Carlton...
Under the stars at the Ritz Carlton…

Food. We are what we eat and I think nothing is more self loving then what we put into our magnificant bodies. So how are you loving your body? I look at food and how it will benefit my body and also chose it based on what my body needs at that particular moment. I aim for organic, non GMO food that grows out of the earth, not in a factory. Although I did enjoy a delicious home made vegan pizza last week (thank you Ritz Carlton you rock). Cooking is therapeutic and a creative process. I love cooking. I highly recommend the book, ‘Big Vegan’ by Robin Asbell.

Music. It is the universal language. Turn up the music. Let’s dance. Make love. Also going to see live music is great……Beyonce tickets please! I like to listen to gospel in the morning to set the tone for the day while I’m getting ready. It fills me up with gratitude for this incredible privilege called LIFE.

So may I give you all a virtual hug and remember life is all about perspective. This week as valentines love is the focus, be grateful for all the love around you and most importantly inside of you. Because how we love ourself determines who we allow into our life. Self love is the most important lesson to teach our children. And self love is the greatest beauty essential….as you glow from the inside out when you love and treat yourself well. Until next time beauty lovers spread love….

Emma is represented by the Mary Anne Claro Talent Agency in NYC and World Models in Miami Beach. Born in England, Emma called Miami home before making NYC her permanent home. Emmas international perspective is reflective in her writing and ability to connect to people from all over the world. You can stay connected with Emma’s work and all beauty essentials updates via Twitter at www.twitter.com/@emmajactress

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