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Body Beauty Essentials – Part 2 of the Spring Series.

Now that we have created our inner beauty (see part 1) let’s fine tune our outer beauty. The focus today is creating skin so soft you’ll want to touch yourself as much as your boyfriend does…wink wink. So let’s work our way up the body shall we…..

After wearing too many layers all winter, it feels liberating to take them off….an effortless solution to instantly soft skin is a body scrub. I’ve recently been using the ‘Peppermint Rosemary Herbal Scrub’ by Soothing Touch. My skin is baby soft after using this invigorating scrub as it locks in moisture. This is a major added bonus and saves time as I don’t need to put on a body moisturizer in the morning.

While in Wholefoods, I discovered a beautiful skincare line called, ‘Bogavia’ – a luxurious plant based skin and hair care collection. Inspired by the sparkling shores of the Adriatic; I’ve noticed a difference since using this skincare.The ‘Pure&Fresh Polishing salt Scrub’ with fig extract leaves my skin smooth. So why are scrubs so beneficial? Exfoliation restores youthful skin. This anti-aging and antioxidant rich scrub gently removes dead skin cells, increases cell turnover and boosts collagen production. Mineral rich and renewing, it softens, smoothes and improves the quality of your skin with a highly regenerating blend of Dead Sea salt, fig, immortelle and rose. I actually use a body scrub daily. Here at Beauty Essentials the focus is prevention and staying flawless! For those of you who prefer something a little more gentle try the ‘Pure&Fresh nourishing sugar scrub’ with coconut oil, shea butter and chamomile extract. This is hydrating and balancing and each use boosts circulation and refines skins texture, leaving skin soft and silky, with the perfect veil of moisture.

Hanging out in Miami with my smooth happy skin…

Our skin is ready for a moisturizer now after creating a flawlessly smooth canvas. A moisturizer is optional however I like to moisturize before I go to bed and wake up with happy skin. I’m using ‘Pure&Fresh firming body serum’ with green coffee bean,sea algae and hyaluronic acid. I focus on my thighs and derriere with this invigorating peppermint serum. For the rest of my body I switch between my beloved Natures Gate, extra virgin pure & unrefined organic coconut oil and the Bogavia, ‘Pure&Fresh contouring body lotion’ with sea algae. This is hydrating and firming and I like wearing this smell to bed. Another smell I like to wear to bed is the ‘Pure&Fresh perfecting mist’ with aloe Vera and evening primrose extract. This Valencia vanilla mist provides an instant boost of hydration. I also spritz it on my pillow.

I’ve been a fan of Badger Balm for years now, apart from the fact they work and smell divine, they are also extremely travel friendly. Sleep balm is one of my favorite; it calms, soothes and uplifts the senses. I like to use it on my cuticles, on my toes, heels and my chest. Sweet dreams to us….

And my beauty lovers don’t forget that internal moisturizer that will support supple skin – yes the one and only H2O! Until next time love your body and watch it love you back…

All products are available at Wholefoods. Part 3 of the Spring Beauty Essentials series arrives next week.

Emma is represented by the Mary Anne Claro Talent Agency & MMG model management in NYC.

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