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Every Move Counts, Learn Some New Dance Moves With Degree

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Do you make every move count? I am a long distance runner. I started running years ago in order to quit smoking and now run several marathons and/or ultra marathon each year. Right now, I am training for the Rockford, IL Marathon in May. By keeping on the move, I stay physically fit, and I get the satisfaction of setting and completing goals.  Picking a goal, setting up a training plan, and then following through are great confident boosters. Fitness is a happy side effect. I truly love working up a good sweat. You should too! Finding a fun activity that keeps you on the move can have huge benefit for your overall health, happiness, and sense of self worth.

degree motion sense

Of course you don’t have to be a runner to make every move count. You also don’t have to be a sweaty mess while on the move.
So, what if you want to get moving and don’t like run?  try these things to get moving:

  • biking
  • hiking
  • kayaking
  • swimming
  • walking
  • fitness classes
  • dancing

The list can go on and on. The key is simply to get moving. I mentioned dancing, which I think is a super fun way to burn some calories and build muscle all at once. Now, you can learn some of Becky G’s favorite dance moves. Join Becky G as she shows how to get her favorite dance moves (“Move It,” “Look Away” and “1-2 Step”) to get your heart pumping. Here is one example. Click the photo to see all of them. You can also step-by-step dance tutorial videos from Becky G and explore Degree products.


step it up becky g

The neat thing about Degree MotionSense is that it sprays on dry. I used to avoid sprays because I wanted to avoid wetness. Degree Motion Sense fixes that.

degree spray dry

Degree keeps you fresher with every move. Degree MotionSense comes in fresh and invigorating scents to keep you smelling great while you are dancing to the music or taking part in your favorite activities. 

degree dry spray

I love the Fresh Energy spray, and have it in my lunchtime workout bag. It is great for me to use before and after my lunchtime runs. I also love it for walking, biking, and yes, dancing!

Learn more and see more Becky G tutorials and videos!

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