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Summer Beauty Essentials

My favorite season is here. In today’s exclusive summer beauty essentials I am sharing the necessary products for flawlessly sexy summer skin and hair….now turn up the music….Lets dance under the stars as the warm breeze caresses our skin, cheek to cheek with the love of your life as he kisses your glowing skin…..I love summer!

Travel is such a fun part of summer; whether it’s a weekend getaway or something longer. I’m always excited to discover travel friendly products and I’m a lover of face sprays, especially while flying. Not only do they feel refreshing but they are an effortless solution for dry skin. While traveling to England for the weekend recently, to celebrate my beautiful cousin Lara’s wedding, I took Acure Organics ‘Balancing Rose Facial Toner’ and the ‘Quick Fix Balm’ as my inflight companions. This organic balm is magic. It combines argan and borage oils (try taking borage internally also for that extra glow) to soothe and calm the skin. It worked wonders, I arrived in London with moisturized, happy skin. On long haul flights I’ve started using cleansing wipes so my skin can breathe make up free. I’m loving Acure Organics ‘Argan oil cleansing towelettes’ (they can be used for the body also) and I have to say they are effortless for traveling. Acure Organics is one of my absolute favorite skincare brands. I am a fan of their ‘seriously firming facial serum’ which I like to layer. As mentioned previously in beauty essentials, serums penetrate deeper and therefore are more effective at doing their job then creams. For the summer, I simply use less as my skin is not as dry and I only use it on my cheeks, neck and décolletage. I will apply the ‘radical resurfacing’ treatment after the serum. This treatment evens out skin tone and brightens your skin, it is one of my favorite products. Depending on the temperature, I will use the ‘day cream’, when it’s steamy hot I just don’t need to. This cream contains the powerhouse of gotu kola stem cells and chlorella, together they moisturize and protect (and as a city girl I like to add a layer to protect my skin from the pollution it faces daily). The ‘night cream’ works hard to rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. The remarkable trio of argan stem cells, 2% chlorella growth factor and hydrating Moroccan argan oil allows your skin to wake up happy!

Summer beauty
Summer feels so good…..

In the summer I like to exfoliate more. I’m loving the Acure Organics ‘brightening facial scrub’. I find it keeps my skin super clean and smooth, as it can get dirty in the hot concrete jungle. I also find the Tata Harper ‘regenerating cleanser’ is a superb summer staple, as is their ‘hydrating floral essence’. And for the body I recommend the ‘lavender salt scrub’ by Trader Joes.

I’m all about getting deep into my pores, especially during the summer months….microdermabrasion facials create flawlessly radiant skin (side note: just make sure to wear your Mychelle sunscreen afterwards)! However I love to supplement them with at home masks and I recently tried the Karuna ‘Karma Kit+Face Mask Set’. After a long day I put on the ‘hydrating face mask’ which promised to help retain my skins natural moisture levels as it exfoliates to boost the look and feel of dull, dehydrated skin. I have to say as I lay on my bed falling asleep it felt incredibly refreshing and it was easy to put on and take off. I woke up the following morning with glowing skin. I can’t wait to try the other masks in the set.

Let’s talk hair! My hair is put to the test as a model and actress and needs a lot of tender loving care. The sun can add to that damage and really dry it out so when I get the opportunity to slick it back with a leave in conditioner I jump on it. I am currently loving the Philip Kingsley ‘ citrus sunshine swimcap’  –  this protective cream guards from chlorinated and salt water and contains sunscreen to extend the life of color treated hair. Plus it smells divine!

summer beauty look
Summer in the city – on the go…

The ultimate summer beauty essential is sunscreen. As mentioned earlier Mychelle is my go to sunscreen. Not all sunscreens are created equally. The commercial ones do more damage to your skin then good, remember what you put on your skin goes into your body. Just take a look at the multiple toxic ingredients next time you shop for sunscreens. Sun Shield SPF 28 broad spectrum by Mychelle contains translucent zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, providing a safe alternative to harsh chemical sunscreens.

These are my summer beauty essentials that make summer beauty easy. Wherever you are in the world I wish you a beautiful summer….and remember true beauty starts on the inside and magnifies your outer beauty!  Until next time beauty lovers….Stay gorgeous.

Microdermabrasion’s are available at Verve in NYC. Call Nicolette at 212-888-3003

(Most good spas offer microdermabrasions)

All products are available at Wholefoods, unless mentioned otherwise.

Tata Harper & Karuna are available at Sephora.


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