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Mid-Summer Beauty Essentials – Part Two

Today we are taking a look at how beauty is created from the inside out. Becoming a vegan was the most empowering choice I ever made and therefore it is a joy to share the benefits with you. As a model and actress I need my body to function at its optimum level and a plant based diet supports that. I discovered that beauty absolutely starts on the inside and what we eat and how we eat is reflected in our largest organ, the skin. So all the outer skincare we invest in is simply a supplement to our inner skincare.

Glowing skin and long, lustrous hair is a by product of what you eat and what you eat also truly effects your mindset. Find the time to invest in you because there is ALWAYS time for what’s important to you! And taking the time to invest in your greatest asset results in your best skin ever and a more positive mindset. It’s a fact that one of the ageing effects of meat, for example, is a heavy sluggish feeling and poor skin. I could go into detail about this however that’s not my focus here. Simply be aware and listen to your body as it communicates to you. A book that has become my guide is ‘Eat Yourself Young’ by Elizabeth Peyton-Jones. It is an invaluable guide to what food does to your body and therefore your skin tone and hair.

As a vegan, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is where do I get my protein from? Quinoa is abundant in protein and plants have large amounts of protein including, spinach, broccoli, kale, maca, wheatgrass and my favorite avocado. I absolutely love protein rich chia seeds (add to mineral water and let them sit in the fridge for a few hours before drinking, also an easy way to feel full), goji berries, hemp seeds and figs. So why do we need protein from a beauty standpoint? Skin, hair and nails are mostly protein. These proteins – keratin, collagen and elastin ward off wrinkles and provide strength and elasticity. Proteins are necessary for tissue repair and for the construction of new tissue. Every cell needs protein to maintain its life. Protein is also the primary substance used to ‘replace’ worn out or dead cells. Apart from our hair, skin and nails, our muscles and eyes are made of protein. So let’s get some protein beautiful people!

protein powder
My Vibrant Health ‘Pro Matcha’ breakfast…

Let’s start with our morning routine. I’m loving ‘Pro Matcha’ by Vibrant Health. I use it in my Nutribullet with organic non gmo soy milk, fruit (organic blueberries or raspberries) and turmeric (anti inflammatory) and/or ginger. This is a supremely nutritious start to my day. Pro Matcha contains 22g of protein per serving and is a high antioxidant, whole food protein powder featuring energizing matcha. Matcha is a shade-grown Japanese tea with 10x the antioxidants of regular green tea. Matcha provides L-Theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxed alertness and chlorophyll, a major detoxifier. Matcha has been renowned in Zen Buddhist culture for centuries due to its mood and concentration enhancing effects. I am using chocolate creme and I have to say it is delicious with raspberries! For those of you that are not chocolate lovers try vanilla creme.

On the go in NYC with my protein and omega rich hair baby….

So now that we have our protein let’s get some omegas to create that extra glow from the inside out. I use the Omega-7 blend by SIBU, sea berry therapy. This vegan source of omegas is rich in antioxidants and a powerful free radical scavenger which nourishes skin, hair and nails. The magical berry improves skin tone and texture and you will see the difference in your hair….can we flip our hair to the side now as we glow! Flawless. Sea buckthorn is a rather gifted berry that deserves your time so please discover more at www.sibu.com

Let’s talk in more detail about these beautifying seeds. Chia seeds are a superfood, rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, they keep you hydrated (a must for smooth supple skin) and reduce food cravings. Chia seeds are one of natures richest antioxidants. Antioxidants should definitely be in your squad as they speed up the skins repair system and prevent further damage. Taking chia seeds can prevent premature skin aging due to inflammation free radical damage. I have to say the benefits are just non stop including digestive health (chia is super high in fiber, providing nearly 11 grams per ounce). As mentioned earlier due to their protein content chia seeds are superb for those of you trying to put on lean muscle, burn fat and balance sugar levels. My skin looks gorgeous when I’m taking chia seeds on a regular basis. I use Garden of Life Raw Organics, organic chia seeds.

I’ve used Garden of Life for a number of years now and I am particularly loving their ‘MyKind Organics’ range. Created together with actress and health advocate Alicia Silverstone, these USDA organic, non-GMO verified whole food vitamins are a result of vegan love and the need for truly clean supplements. Each MyKind Organics formula is made from real food – over 30 fruits, vegetables and herbs – making them rich in powerful plant-derived phytochemicals. I use the B complex. As a vegan my B-12 needs to be supported and this formula helps build new red blood cells with 300mcg of biotin. As you may know biotin is known for promoting healthy hair and nails. B vitamins also compliment your energy and support metabolism and stress response. MyKind Organics organic plant calcium is a powerhouse of vegan D3, Vitamin K2 and plant sourced magnesium. These vitamins work supremely together, k2 helps move calcium into the proper areas in your body, such as your bones and teeth. It also helps remove calcium from areas where it shouldn’t be, such as your arteries and soft tissues, which may I add can result in varicose veins if calcium is not where it should be within your body. Let’s stay focused on the skin, the role this vitamin plays is monumental. Tokyo is a fine example where k2 is consumed in much higher amounts, thus results in people who look considerably young for their age. Natto (fermented soybeans) is consumed in high quantities and the richest food source of K2 and the result is much smoother skin. Let’s stay forever young baby! This vitamin also has remarkable dental health benefits. Now magnesium is one of the leading nutrient deficiencies in adults. How does magnesium benefit your body, well let me count the ways….it calms nerves (magnesium is vital for GABA function, an inhibitory neurotransmitter that produces ‘happy hormones’ like serotonin). It also helps you fall asleep and treats insomnia (and sleep is your greatest beauty treatment), it helps digestion by relieving constipation (which means a flatter stomach) relieves muscle aches (no excuse to workout – wink wink) and these are just a few of the many wonders of magnesium.

I also recommend the following Garden of Life vitamins that support our skin. Vitamin Code raw K-complex and Raw CoQ10, this is delivered in raw chia seed oil and has a lipid delivery system for absorption. This powerful antioxidant fights free radical damage which is the major cause of aging and therefore shows in your skin. This enzyme, produced naturally in the human body is found in every cell and tissue. However with aging and stress CoQ10 levels decrease (yet another reason to avoid stress). CoQ10 is involved in a number of biological functions, including helping to produce energy (as a city girl I can never have enough), neutralizing free radicals and it keeps cells both inside the body and in the skin healthy. A lack of CoQ10 results in an impeded ability to produce collagen and elastin. Collagen is important because it makes your skin firm, while elastin gives your skin flexibility.

A little selfie fun...
A little selfie fun…

So now that our skin is smooth, glowing and supported from the inside out let me share a few products to compliment our skin on the outside for the remainder of summer. I recently discovered Tan Towel and let me just say it works! I’m using ‘Face Tan’ the self tan anti aging towelettes. I will use the Sibu exfoliating face (and body) scrub which deep cleans pores and is now my go to scrub for the face. This creates the perfect base to apply the tan towel to. I use the self tan towelettes half-body application for my body. It works just as well on my arms, legs, upper thighs and derrière (for those shorter shorts and bikinis). I would say I look good naked, as the slogan claims, wink wink. As summer progresses I find the clarifying facial toner by Sibu a must have. It balances PH levels for up to six hours, refreshes and hydrates skin and is now my absolute favorite face spray at home and on the go. Sibu ‘Sea Berry Seed Oil’ is really great for sun drenched skin. I find my skin needs a good dose of moisture at the end of day.

tan towel
Time for some tan towel….

And beauty lovers remember our outside is just the beginning….it doesn’t define us because there’s so much more to us then our physical beauty. I want to say this to you all; Never ever dim your light or lower your value for anyone. Enjoy being beautiful, enjoy taking care of yourself and keep your mind and heart as beautiful if not more beautiful as that is true beauty. Keep growing, keep evolving and don’t entertain anyone that doesn’t add to your life. Shine bright as we enjoy the remainder of this special season.


All products, excluding Tan Towel, are available at your local WholeFoods.

Emma is a New York based model and actress. Represented by The Mary Anne Claro Talent agency and World Models. Follow Emma’s work at www.instagram.com/emmaukny

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