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JustFly Ranks The World’s Top Three Beaches

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Beaches are kind of like pizza. Even when pizza is just all right, it’s still pretty good because its pizza. Beaches are the same. Maybe you aren’t at the most majestic beach out there, but you know what? You are still at a beach! With that said, there are some truly elite beaches out there that are game chargers. To find out about some of the world’s best beaches I decided I needed to speak to some travel experts. I reached out to JustFly, an online travel company, and they gave me their list of the world’s top three beaches that you won’t want to miss!

1. Seychelles


One of the most photographed beaches in the world according to JustFly’s review, Seychelles’ legendary pink sand, massive granite backdrops, and clear turquoise water makes for a beautiful beach experience that will blow your mind. Located on an island in the Arabian Sea just East of the continent of Africa, Seychelles certainly isn’t the easiest beach to get to, but worth it once you make your way!

2. Maldives


Like Seychelles, Maldives is quite isolated. Located East of Seychelles and Southwest of Sri Lanka, Maldives is beach heaven. Featuring numerous high quality resorts that have amazing spas, you can get the best of both the beach life and the spa life in some of the most beautiful surroundings possible in Maldives.

3. Bora Bora, Tahiti

Tahiti Bora Bora

Part of the French Polynesia in the South Pacific, JustFly says Bora Bora is a tiny but spectacular beach. Coming in at less than 30 kilometres long in total, this beach features exquisite white sandy shores, and a genuinely quiet atmosphere that has earned Bora Bora the reputation as a honeymooners or couples retreat. Even the hotels that exist along the beach are notoriously quaint as to be non-obtrusive to those looking to catch some waves or some sun, depending on their tastes. The only downside? Those flying into this area are in for a pretty intense trip, as this region is quite isolated in terms of being near populous landmasses.

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