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Beauty and Fashion Tech is Being Fraudulently Impersonated By BaeutyAndFashionTech.com (note the mispelling). Click for More Info!!!

Beauty and Fashion Tech is being impersonated by the domain baeutyandfashiontech.com (note the mispelling).  The person is fraudulently using the name Carleen Pruess and the credentials of Beauty and Fashion Tech to apply for fake affiliate accounts.  They have the site with the misspelling redirected to the real Beauty and Fashion Tech site and often use an email address using the domain with the misspelling.   If you have an affiliate application from the name Carleen Pruess it is likely fraudulent.  To check, make sure you are visiting the correct website at https://beautyandfashiontech.com and contact us through the contact form. Please also contact us with information about the application received so we can keep our police report on this updated. 


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