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Make Your Wardrobe Work Year Round

Come hot summers, cold winters, warm springs or cool autumns, seasons change and so does your wardrobe. However, most women have a hard time adjusting their wardrobe, especially those with kids or a career. Luckily, you can be spared of this hassle. Simply follow the next five techniques to make your wardrobe functioning throughout the year.

Buy Off-Season Clothes from the Clearance Rack

Clothes of this type are usually quite cheap, making them perfect for stylish women with limited funds. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll buy whatever is being offered. All you have to do is carefully select wardrobe essentials like a denim jacket or something trendy like a traditional scarf. Buy something which you can mix and match to perfect the look you want.

Denim Jacket

Get Ready to Accessorize Whenever You Go Out

Most women believe in accessorizing their outfits to make it a perfect blend for the occasion. You can jazz up a simple black dress by adding a blend of delicate metallic jewelry. You can even create a whole new look by wearing the shrug you brought from your last travel.

White and Gold Necklace

From: Neiman Marcus

Embrace Vintage Clothing and Accessories

At some point or another, women have bought something or another from the flea market. However, the best and unique items you can get are vintage collectibles like designer purses, that little powder blue dress you always wanted or a small metallic evil eye pendant.

blue vintage skirt

Invest in Layers, Lots of Them

If you are fond of wearing short sleeves and tanks tops in summer, you can layer them with cardigans and jackets in winter. In spring, you can do away with these and layer it with scarves and leggings under short dresses. This is an excellent way for buying your wardrobe basics.

Layered Clothing Look

Invest in Evergreen Trends

Who in their fashionable minds wouldn’t want to follow trends? However, if you are buying something trendy every season, you will be spending more on bits and pieces. Always invest in classy items which can make your wardrobe functioning throughout the year. Some examples of these are the little black dress and long black skirt.

So, the next time you step outside to dazzle the crowd, look yourself in the mirror and take time out to admire yourself and your wardrobe’s round the season functionality.


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