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Travel Beauty Essentials – 2017 edition

Hello beauty lovers….I know it’s been a while so get ready for two back to back beauty essentials packed with all you need for a flawless entrance this festive season. I’d like to take a moment to welcome those who are new to beauty essentials. This seasonal beauty blog is an intimate look into what I use and how I use it to keep my skin glowing for my demanding career as a model and actress. My approach to beauty is from the inside out and I invite you to dive into the beauty essentials archives to discover more. I would also like to request beauty related questions from you all. For the first time I am going to dedicate a beauty essentials to your questions, so please write them in the comments section. I will select as many as I can and answer them in the upcoming beauty essentials gratitude edition.

The focus today is skincare on the go. While traveling recently I fine tuned my in flight beauty routine, so for everyone traveling this festive season here’s your travel beauty essentials guide.

Bahamas Beauty…..

As many of you know by now face sprays are one of my absolute favorite on the go seasonless beauty gems. They create that must have dewy skin and moisturize your skin while flying without being too heavy and just feel good on the skin baby. I love Tarte Rainforest of The Sea Marine Boosting Mist. When traveling long haul I find my skin needs a little more help so I turn to Honey Girl Orgamics face and eye cream. My skin drinks this up and the result is a happy, glowing face. Another in flight option are serums, which I like to layer. I’ve been using Badgers ‘Damascus Rose Face Oil’ for its soothing properties, I wear this under my moisturizer. Another favorite is ‘Advanced Argan oil’ by Mychelle. This beauty gem has multiple uses (making it a must have while traveling). I use it under my eyes, on my face, for my hair to combat frizz and even on my hands if they feel dry.

For my recent trip to the Bahamas I did not check a suitcase so all my skincare had to be inflight friendly and that’s how I fell in love with CoCoKind ‘Organic Cleansing Facial Oil’ – a cleanser for dirt, excess oil and make-up removal. My skin feels smooth, refreshed and clean after using this and is now my go to cleanser. I recommend taking a closer look at this fabulous skincare line as they have a wonderful ‘organic rosewater facial toner’ and I just learnt they have a travel size also….yeah!!! Other goodies that your skin will thank you for that I’ve used are the ‘Turmeric Spot cream’. I will advise that you avoid sleeping in this though, as like real turmeric it stains. I left my turmeric face all over a certain hotel pillow…….shhhhhh. Another great travel option that I am a massive fan of is the ‘Organic Chia Facial Oil’ – it’s deeply moisturizing so especially good for flying and the winter months. I’m excited to explore CoCoKind more….

shot by Leslie Hassler

Let’s talk coconut oil….for those of you who don’t know, I like to use this magnificent oil all over my body, face and as a leave in hair treatment (great for the beach) and it also works as an eye make-up remover. Side note my hair stylist doesn’t like it for hair as it leaves a residue.It is my absolute favorite body moisturizer in the world and I use it daily so when traveling it’s an essential. I’ve found the Organic coconut oil packets by Spectrum are great for traveling. Ok I think my love of coconut oil is clear but why so much love? It works. It’s not overpriced. It feeds your skin. It nourishes your skin and heals skin conditions. This multitalented Organic Oil keeps my body smooth, glowing and soft to the touch all winter long. What we put on our body goes into our body.

A couple of beauty essentials that everyone can use in flight are ofcause filtered water. I take chia seeds to add to my water and let them expand to a gel like consistency and then drink. They are very filling, and packed with skin loving omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce inflammation and dryness and increase circulation…Hello glowy skin. I also like ‘Ginger Fireball’ by Juicepress to suck on in flight, oh I could be so naughty right now but I will resist…wink to the camera.  Packed with vitamin C and ginger so not only skin loving but a great boost for your immune system.

The ultimate beauty essential is your attitude. So as you travel spread love, spread kindness and radiate from the inside out. Until next time shine bright…

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Let’s go December….we’re ready….



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