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Spring Ready With Dove Derma Series Dry Skin Relief

Disclosure: Sponsored post by Mirum. All opinions are my own.


A few weeks ago I wrote about how I was trying out the new Dove Derma Series Dry Skin Relief line of products from Target.  Winter was pretty hard on my skin.  I spent a lot of time outdoors on the trails distance running and did a couple of winter ultras, including the very cold Frozen Gnome 50k and then the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile in Texas.  That not only often left me with wind chapped skin, it also really beat up my feet. I ended up with some pretty dry, cracked heels. So, I was happy to give the new Dove Derma Series a try, especially what turned out to be an AMAZING repair balm.  I have been using them for almost a month now, and here is my before and after report.


Dove Repairing Balm Amazing Results

The Dove Derma Series is focused specifically on dry skin relief.  The line has six products: Repairing Balm, Body Lotion, Face Wash, Hand Cream, Face Cream, and Body Wash. I tried the Hand Cream, Body Wash, and Repairing Balm.  I loved all of them, but I have been raving about the repairing balm. The Dove Derma Series Repairing Balm is a thick balm that spreads on easily and is super moisturizing. It is formulated for severely dry areas, is fragrance free, and non-sticky. 

I made the Dove Repairing Balm a major part of my foot rehabilitation. I did a combination of soaking my feet often and working on them with a pumice stone, then applying balm.  I also put the balm on right before my socks in the morning and then again at night. The socks help keep the feet from drying out and holds the moisture in.  I had amazing results doing this. In about three weeks, I managed to remove most of the calluses on my heels, and my feet are much smoother. I am pretty much now sandal ready! Here is the before and after. I think the photos speak for themselves. I seriously love this balm!


I also am a fan of the other two products that I tried. The Dove Dry Skin Relief Body Wash is super moisturizing. Since washing with regular soap can really dry out the skin, I like using the body wash to avoid unnecessary dryness. I also have taken to using it for shaving. I tend to use body wash for that over shaving lotion, and I like the moisturizing wash for it.

I also have been loving the Dove Dry Skin Relief Hand Cream. This is a nice, fast absorbing, hand cream. It has more of a lotion consistency, which I really like because  it doesn’t feel heavy, yet it moisturizes very well. I can get pretty much instant results using it.

This is the before and after of it that I also included in my first post on these products. It is a bit subtle in photos, but I think my hand looks smoother. It certainly feels smoother after I use the product.   


Overall, this is a really great line of products. If you have dry skin or need to get your skin in top shape for sandal season, head over to Target and check them out!  

Learn more and get them all at Target

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