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DIY Autumn Spice Hand Soap With Free Printable Labels


This easy to make DIY Autumn Spice Hand Soap is perfect for fall, hence the name!  Plus I have three labels that can be printed for your jar. The hand soap combines patchouli, orange, and clove essential oils for a nice fall scent. 

Using castile soap makes this super easy. Links to buy these items are in the Ingredients list if you need them. First fill up your soap bottle with equal parts of castile soap, vegetable glycerin and distilled water.

Then, mix up your essential oils and add them to the soap mix. 

Shake the bottle really well to mix.


Then add your label! Print the file onto sticker paper. These are png images that you can resize if needed. Simply right click the label images and save them to your computer. Then enjoy!

Here are the label images, the ingredients and instructions for your DIY Autumn Spice Hand Soap are below.

DIY Autumn Spice Hand Soap Ingredients

DIY Hand Soap Instructions

  1. Use equal parts castile soap, vegetable glycerin and distilled water to fill up the soap bottle.  
  2. Mix the oils in a separate bowl or measuring cup.
  3. Add the oils to the soap mixture.   
  4. Shake the soap bottle for 20 seconds to ensure it mixes up completely.  
  5. Print the label and stick it to the bottle. You can use a sticker maker or printable sticker paper. resize the file if needed based on your bottle size.
  6. Enjoy your fall scented soap!   


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