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Fashion Leggings Trends to Adopt This Year

You don’t need to visit the 80’s to wear leggings because they are trending across the fashion industry in 2014. Comfortable, chic and body friendly leggings purchased in thick, un-shiny fabric will be perfect with all types of skirts and dresses. Just remember to combine them with the right footwear (boots, low heels and flats) or their effect may be numbed.

Here are a few things you should try out when wearing these hot form of clothing.

Try Out the Cozy

The weather is still considerably cold, which means that you can wear great suede leggings with a cowl neck sweater, cardigan, and tall boots. Together, these fashionable clothing will keep you warm and you’ll have the chance to show off those leggings as well. You can also opt for a wide belt over the cardigan as this will keep it in place and give your entire outfit an edge as well.

Warm leggings

Kick In the Versatility

If you are planning to go out on a hot first date, you may want to try wearing soft fabric leather with a short dress that complements your body. Make sure that the legging color matches that of the dress but don’t match it a 100% or else you’ll look like you are trying too hard. You can also invest a little in a lacy silk scarf as this will bring out the outfit that you are wearing. Underneath the leggings, you can wear ankle high or mid-leg boots that feel nice and comfortable to you.

bold stockings

Accessorize and Amaze

Sexy stockings look

With the right top and accessories, your leggings will be able to stand out and amaze every onlooker. Get ready to be named the fashion queen of the occasion because pairing leggings with a solid colored dress, a breezy scarf and a striking long necklace is all you need to look beautiful and trendy. If it’s a night event that you are going to be attending, you can also throw on a cardigan or coat and flats to complete the look.

So take out your leggings or buy a pair to rock these trends and satisfy your fashion-loving inner diva. 

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