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BHP Beauty Blackhead Remover and Microdermabrasion Device

Disclosure: This review is based on product and compensation provided by BHP. However, all opinions are my own.

When I first learned of the BHP Beauty Blackhead Remover and Microdermabrasion Device, I was very intrigued.  Given that I constantly seem to battle blackheads on my chest, which are likely a side effect of clogged blackheadspores from the amount of exercise that I do, I was interested in a device that cleans pores and extracts blackheads them without using manual extraction tools or hands, which many will tell you are not the best methods for dealing with blackheads. That it is very affordable and adds micordermabrasion and LED light therapy is a plus!  So, I gave the device a test. 

About the BHP Blackhead Remover

The BHP microdermabrasion blackhead remover works by using suction to unclog pores and extract blackheads.  It is a spa-quality skincare tool,with five replaceable suction heads avaialbe to target different uses and skin types. There are also three levels of suction, from a low, every gentle setting, to a pretty powerful high setting. Among the choices of heads, the large circular head is used extract blackheads and acne, especially on stubborn areas.  I used this one on my chest. Meanwhile, a round silicone head is softer and gentle. This one is best for facial skin or sensitive skin.  An elliptical head is included to improve skin elasticity and for use in the T-zone.

For exfoliation, the device includes a microdermabrasion head. This diamond microcrystalline head exfoliates dead skin and cleanses pores.

The device also includes LED light therapy in both blue and red. Blue LED light therapy targets the chemicals found in the bacteria that causes acne. By stimulating those chemicals, blue light can kill the bacteria while also shrinking pores. Red LED light therapy helps reduce wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin. It is a popular anti-aging therapy and something that I often use.

The specific product details listed by the company are as follows: 

Easy-to-Read Backlit LCD Display
Three (3) Suction Levels (up to 60 kpa)
User Manual
Micro USB Charging Cable
Replacement Filters and O-Rings (15 and 2)
Five (5) Unique Attachment Heads
Fabric Storage Bag

My Experience With the BHP Microdermabrasion Blackhead Remover

I had a good experience with the device, especially in terms of blackhead extraction form my chest and overall spot treatment microdermabrasion and pore cleansing on my face. I found that for body areas, using the large circular head and the medium or high setting worked best for extracting blackheads and generally leaving me feeling like I had cleaned out of my pores. The high setting puts off a pretty high suction. I had no qualms about that on my chest, but would not recommend using the high sitting on more delicate skin areas, such as on the face, especially if you have sensitive skin.  

On facial areas, I used the silicone head and usually low or medium suction. Doing this in trouble areas daily left me feeling like I got some decent pore cleansing. In fact, after about three weeks of use, my couple of trouble spots (my nose and chin) for blackheads and white heads were clear. For extraction, I used medium suction. Generally, on the face, I liked the device better for overall pore cleansing over time, mainly because I did not want to use high suction often for extraction.  This tool really is best used for longer term pore cleansing in my opinion. Over a few weeks of regular use, blackheads disappear because the pores are no longer getting constantly clogged.  I had very good results using it in that manner.

I found the microdermabrasion to be a welcome addition for spot treating areas. You could do your entire face with the microdermabrasion head, but it is a bit time consuming. But then my more dedicated microdermabrsion device also is time consuming, although it is a bit easier to use smoothly.  Regardless, it simply takes awhile with any device to do the whole face. I used the BHP product the most often on my trouble areas of my chin and lower cheeks, where I tend to not only get blackheads, but also acne. The device did a good job of generally exfoliating those areas.  I often used medium suction for a heavier effect. I do not have particularly sensitive skin. Those who do would probably want to stick to the low suction level, which is quite gentle.  

I found the addition of LED light a bonus. I use a larger red light device for my entire face and the BHP device has a smaller footprint in terms of light. But the device certainly can be used to red-light treat the entire face. I think it is best though for spot areas. For example, its compact size makes it perfect for targeting specific wrinkles or crows feet. In fact, it is easier to use in those areas than my dedicated device is. The blue light is perfect for spot treatment of acne. I have long been a fan of using blue light for acne treatment and, with the BHP device, it is easy to swap out heads and do multiple treatments back to back all with one device.


What is best about this product is that it is only $49.99!  Most microdermabrasion devices and LED light devices cost quite a bit more than that. So the affordability and multiple functions of the product is a definite plus.

Bottom line: This is a a good affordable product that can serve multiple skin-care functions all with one device.

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