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Beauty Essentials – Self Love Edition

Happy abundant, loving 2019 beauty lovers. For the first Beauty Essentials of this new year we are setting the tone with the Self Love Edition. Let’s love ourselves up so much that we radiate love wherever we go……

As we entered 2019 I asked myself what new habits I wanted to create and how I can fine tune. 2018 allowed me to really understand my worth and 2019 is all about living fearlessly, knowing I’m limitless and owning my power. That all stems from self love and self care. So let’s talk basics.

I am now dry skin brushing daily. Since doing so I’ve noticed my skin is softer as this is an exfoliant for the skin (which also unclogs pores). My goal is to support the tone of my skin, especially on my thighs so I will have to report back to you in the spring edition for updates on that. I brought my brush at wholefoods but you can get them anywhere. It does feel invigorating afterwards. Other benefits include; helping to detoxify by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage. It also stimulates the nervous system, hence why I find it invigorating.

At the Ritz Carlton last month – self loving in the steam room and sauna and with a deep tissue massage.

Late night eating. This is something I’ve been working on for a few years and I’ve made progress but I still have work to do. Ideally my goal is to not eat after 7pm, however living in the city with a creative career where I can be working until very late does make this a challenge. So I am creating the habit of eating breakfast daily. I have a protein shake and add what my body needs depending on the season. During the recent polar vortex I added ginger, turmeric and even garlic to boost my immune system. The goal is to eat regular meals so I can eat dinner early even if I’m working late. It does mean more planning but the benefits of not eating late are endless. Eating late plays havoc on your digestive system and is a quick way to gain weight. This is a work in progress. However I feel so light and energized by not eating late I am determined to make this a habit.

More pilates. I am a huge fan of pilates. Last year I stepped up my pilates game and the difference in my core was pretty impressive. Pilates has a profound effect on my posture, keeping me lean, my core looks more toned and my obliques are defined. I’ve increased my classes to 5-6 a week now. If you’ve never tried pilates, I can not recommend it enough.

Yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga most of my life now. It changed my life. The connection you create with your body is beautiful. It helped my breathing and it helped ground me, it really centers you and allows you to listen to your body. Physically I’m more flexible, lean and patient. This year I’m deepening my practice. Join me on this journey.

Letting go. Not bringing anything or anyone into 2019 that does not benefit my growth. It’s all about being light so we can spread our wings and soar.

Share your new habits with me in the comments section. Until next time beauty lovers live your best life and shine your brightest….

Emma’s spring 2019: campaign for SIBU beauty.

Emma will be in the March issue of Vegan Food and Living which hits newsstands in the U.K. On February 20th and Barnes and Noble in the U.S. 6 weeks later.

Emma’s current campaign for SIBU Beauty is running until late spring 2019 in NYC.

Emma is a British model and actress and NYC is her home. Represented by Expressions models. Contact info@expressionsmodels.com


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