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Spring Skin Care Healing with Vaseline Clinical Care, Plus a Sale!

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum but all opinions are my own

This winter was a bit crazy in my area! The past few months have been extra cold, extra windy, and extra snowy. In fact, just a few weeks ago, I traveled to Tennessee to train just to escape the icy trails in the Chicago area where I live. It was unusually cold there too, but I enjoyed some lovely trails that were free of ice. My skin is still on the dry side though from all of the winter weather and running outdoors. Oh, and Tennessee has some serious hills! I got a good hill workout in!

With March here, I have dreams of spring weather and warming temperatures. That means it is also time to get my dry skin more under control.  My legs in particular have had a lot of dry patches. So, how do you get through these last few cold days and get ready for spring? I have a few tips and product recommendations, including some great new Vaseline® Clinical Care™ items that you can get on sale at Walgreens!

Spring Skin Care Healing Plan

(1) Drink lots of water! This is really simple and often overlooked. Skin care often starts form inside. By keeping your body hydrated, you will help prevent dry skin. 

(2) Don’t avoid exercise and the outdoors. While getting out in chilly and windy weather can be hard on the skin, lack of exercise is even harder on the body and the mind.  Also, getting your heart rate up and improving circulation through exercise can be good for your skin. Just make sure that, if the weather causes dry skin for you, that you use the right products when you get home.

(4) apply moisturizers after showering. Hot water can dry your skin out further once you are dry. But if you apply your body lotions and moisturizers right after stepping out of the shower, you can lock in moisture on your skin and prevent further drying.

(3)  Use products targeted for dry skin. This is where a good set of clinical products can come in.  Vaseline® has a great new set of clinical care products, and they are currently on sale with a great bargain deal at Walgreens with a buy one get 50% off. I took advantage of that deal!  Here is more about the products.

New Vaseline® Clinical Care™ 

One of the best ways to get ready for spring is to deal with dry skin through products that are clinically proven to moisturize deeply. These products soothe dry skin right form the first application and that then continue working to keep skin healed. Vaseline® Clinical Care™ has three products aimed at this. 

(1) Vaseline® Clinical Care™ Extremely Dry Skin Rescue Lotion: Vaseline® Extremely Dry Skin Rescue Body Lotion is a great start for moisturizing dry skin. The product is formulated with a unique Barrier Repair Complex™ to strengthen your skin’s barrier.  The result is that it transforms skin from very dry to healed in just 5 days. This product is a daily body lotion that is best for dry, sensitive, and/or irritated skin. The lotion is unscented. I really like the feel of it and put it in my shower to remind myself to use it right after toweling off. I like that it is a great daily first defense item to use to tackle my dry skin.   

(2) Vaseline® Clinical Care™ Eczema Calming Lotion: I really love this cream! Vaseline® Eczema Calming Body Lotion is designed to relieve itch and irritation due to eczema. Formulated with unique Barrier Repair Complex™ to strengthen the skin’s barrier, it is an effective moisturizer for dry skin and eczema prone skin. The cream contains Colloidal Oatmeal Skin Protectant and is a daily body cream best for dry, sensitive, and/or irritated skin. It is unscented. I don’t have eczema, at least not officially, but I do get very dry and itchy skin patches on my legs and have been using this cream on them in the evening. I find it very soothing and moisturizing! It is perfect for my dry patches.

(3) Vaseline® Clinical Care™ Aging Skin Rescue Lotion: Vaseline® Aging Skin Rescue Body Lotion is a powerful moisturizer for dry aging skin. The lotion noticeably improves elasticity and resilience of dry aging skin. Like the other products, it is formulated with a unique Barrier Repair Complex™ to strengthen the skin’s barrier.  It is a daily body lotion best for dry, sensitive, and dry aging skin. This one is lightly scented. My skin isn’t getting any younger, so I put this one in my shower too to alternate with using the Vaseline® Extremely Dry Skin Rescue Body Lotion.

Get 50% off Vaseline® Clinical Care™ Products!

Walgreens is having a really good sale on the Vaseline® Clinical Care™ products. until March 31st, 2019!

From 3/1 – 3/31 you can get Buy One Get One 50% off and “$2 off Clip 2 Card on select Vaseline products at Walgreens. So, go grab two products and save!  I did!  Shop Online Now! 



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