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Beauty and Fashion Tech provides news and reviews of cosmetics, skin care, and beauty products, along with information about fashion accessories. The blog is published by Carleen, an Illinois attorney and freelance writer. Posts are written by Carleen and various staff and guest writers. Initially from Nebraska, Carleen moved to the Chicago area in 2006. Beauty and Fashion Tech provides her with a nice diversion from writing solely about legal matters.

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Note: Beauty and Fashion Tech is currently being fraudulently impersonated by a person using the fake website baeutyandfashiontech.com (note the mispelling), the email addresses beautyandfashiontech@aol.com, carleenpruess@hotmail.com, support@baeutyandfashiontech.com, and andreexpely@outlook.com.  They use the name Carleen Pruess and provide an address in Shorewood, IL. This person is applying for affiliate programs using our website credentials. They are not associates with this site and those are not email addresses registered by Carleen or by this site. Carleen applies for affiliate programs using a different last name than Pruess (her maiden name) and an address in a different town. If you are an affiliate manager and have received an application using the name Carleen Pruess, it is likely false. Please contact us to verify and to provide information about the account that was created so that we can pass the information along to the police. Thanks!

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