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DIY Body Scrubs and Bath Bombs

DIY Body Scrubs and Bath Bombs

I love Bath Bombs and Scrubs, but they can get pricey. These DIY Bath Bombs and DIY Body Scrubs are fun and easy to make and can save you money. I particularly love the bath bombs with rings inside. I used to buy those as gifts and they are a lot cheaper if you make… Continue Reading

Three Beauty Uses For Jell-O and One that Doesn’t Work

Powder Jell-O is a secret beauty item in the cosmetic world. Here’s how: 1) It imparts a natural stain. Rub some Strawberry or Cherry powder on your lips for a natural tint and top with a clear gloss. Mix with a bit of water and you have a natural looking cheek stain. I have read… Continue Reading

Review: New Clean and Clear Soft Acne Treatment

Clean and Clear has a new acne treatment line out and the daytime moisturizer has quickly become a big favorite for me. For some time I have been wishing for a fairly light acne treatment, or at least acne safe, drugstore moisturizer. It seemed that whenever I looked at ingredients on various brands, there would… Continue Reading