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Review: Everyday Minerals Mineral Makeup

everyday minerals Review: Everyday Minerals Mineral MakeupAfter receiving a recommendation, I gave mineral makeup from Everyday Minerals a try. I had pretty good results and was also pleased to see that they provide samples for the cost of shipping.

I purchased samples of the mineral makeup in matte and intensive formulas. That package included a concealer that as far as I could tell was the same as the intensive coverage makeup. I also received a sample of blush and bought a selection of eye shadows.

I was pretty happy with the makeup. When I reviewed bareMinerals from bare escentuals, I had problems with bare minerals being too shiny for me. I had less of that issue with the Everyday Minerals. However, there was still a bit a of shine involved and I notice that mica is an ingredient. It generally was not enough to bother me though. I found that the regular matte provided an average to slightly sheer amount of coverage. The intensive provided a bit more cover and would be my permanent choice because I want to cover areas of melasma and hyperpigmentation. The matte could not quite do that. I think that overall, bare mineral from bare escentuals covers a bit better than even the intensive, but I like that everyday minerals is less shiny.  It also is quite a bit cheaper.

The blush and the eye shadows were quite nice. I tend to like just about every mineral shadow and blush that I try, and these were no different. They were well pigmented, lasted a long time, and were nice shades.

Everyday minerals offers a huge variety of shades in warm, cool and neutral tones. I found that the fair shades are also very, very fair. It isn’t often that I find something that is way too light for my already fair skin, but I found it here. So if you are one of those women who can’t find makeup that is light enough, the fair shades of everyday minerals just might be what you are looking for! The company offers sample packs consisting of your choice of three shades of makeup, a concealer, and a blush for the cost of shipping. So it is easy to try out some shades before committing to a full purchase.

Everyday minerals is free of preservatives and fillers. So those who avoid things like parabens and bismuth will want to check them out. When browsing the company’s website, I also came across a page comparing ingredients that shows the ingredients of both everyday minerals and other brands of mineral makeup.

Overall, I was happy with Everyday Minerals. They provide a nice selection of  products at a pretty good price.

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 Review: Everyday Minerals Mineral Makeup

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pixel Review: Everyday Minerals Mineral Makeup


  1. I love everyday minerals. I used bare escentuals for quite a while, but couldn’t figure out why it always made me itch. When i finally found out about bismuth and that some people are irritated by it, it made sense. Everydayminerals do not use bismuth oxychloride, and they dont irritate my skin. i like to use a primer underneath, right now i’m happy with Laura geller spackle. on a hot day, when i only want a little coverage, i mix spackle and everydayminerals in my palm and smooth it over my face. i have mild rosacea and this is enough coverage to smooth out my skin tone. I also love everyday minerals generous sampling. it’s very easy to find the right shades, and yes they are lighter than they look on the computer screen. i use the intensive and the original glo, depending on my needs. Give it a try!

  2. I must say… I love Everyday Minerals. Coverage isn’t a concern to me (unless I’m taking pictures) so I love the Matte and Semi-Matte formulations very much. And the prices for EDM is way less than Bare Escentuals’ Bare Minerals. Thanks for spreading the good word about EDM!

  3. Beauty and Fashion Tech checks out Everyday Mineral

  4. Great review! I’m just using my samples from Everyday Minerals now too and have a bit of melasma (which as you know is darn hard to cover, grrr!). Anyhow, did you see that Everyday Minerals is holding a contest for a spa trip? It’s on their Specials page. Nice!

    Bionic Beauty

  5. Everyday minerals is a good product. I was first introduced to mineral makeup with Bare Minerals (who wasn’t?), but didn’t like the Bismuth and the need to wear a mineral veil (which just translates into an added cost, IMHO). I had trouble with the coverage on EM as well, but I think it has to do with the grind more than anything. Even when the products contain the same ingredients, how finely ground they are also plays into it. I use Purely Cosmetics, and they have good coverage. They have color correctors (the yellow one makes my dark circles under my eyes disappear, but nothing makes the liver spots completely invisible), and for those with super oily skin, a product called Oil Absorb that is nothing but a finely ground clay that you can wear as a prep layer.

    They sell samples as well. 3 colors is $12, or you can get it with the foundation brush for $25. Huge line of eye colors, blushes, etc. What’s nice about them is similar to EM – you customize your kits with the products you want. I started with the tester 3 pack until I was sure what color was best for me (I don’t trust my monitor for that kind of accuracy), then bought the Best of Everything kit. You get every brush under the sun, plus eye shadows, foundations, blushes, and concealers or color correctors.

  6. Do not use Bare Minerals! It is poisen for your skin! They are liars and claim not to use cheap fillers when in fact bismuth oxychloride IS a cheap filler that causes cysytic acne!!! I used to have flawless skin but after using Bare Minerals I developed cystic acne that has left my face with permenant scars!! Find a company that DOES NOT use bismuth oxychloride! Bare Minerals is a fraud!!! I have several friends that have had the same probelem and have stopped using Bare Minerals!!

  7. A word about the above comment: This review was of Everyday Minerals, not Bare Minerals. As far as I know, Everyday Minerals does not contain bismuth. I also am not sure about calling Bare Minerals a fraud. I don’t think they hide their ingredient list. With that said, bismuth can cause itching or irritation in some people, so obviously people who are sensitive to that ingredient will want to avoid products that contain it. A few other mineral makeup brands without bismuth are the new Maybelline mineral power makeup and Neutrogena’s new mineral powder compact, both of which are easily obtained and carry a great price. Loreal’s mineral makeup does contain it, so that is also one to avoid if you are sensitive to bismuth.

  8. Melanie says:

    I decided to try Everyday Minerals after recently checking all of my beauty and makeup products on http://cosmeticsdatabase.com–a website that evaluates the toxicity and risks involved in the ingredients for thousands of products. After finding that even my physician’s formula mineral powder was more harmful than I would have liked it to be, I immediately ordered free samples of Everyday Minerals (which were given scores of 1 and 2 for possibly harmful ingredients on a scale of 10, as opposed to physician’s formula products, which were usually around 5, and more common products like neutrogena and maybelline, which were usually around 7). I must say, I just recieved and tried my samples today, and I’m absolutely in love. I have moderate acne and blemishes, and found that I didnt need to apply any concealer and much less foundation than I usually need to fully cover the redness. Also, the blush is beautiful–just don’t apply too much! A little goes a long way with EV, and it blends and matches my skin tone like nothing I’ve ever used. And you’ve got to love the price too–I’m definately sold!

  9. Annie Marie says:

    I freakin’ love EDM!!! I was super interested in mineral makeup, and my first experience with it was with Bare Minerals, which my sister uses. She let me try hers, and I was really happy with the results but REALLY put off by the price. What a rip off!
    I tried ELF minerals and was thoroughly disappointed. After some Googling, I tried Everyday Minerals. Holy crap is it awesome stuff. Excellent quality foundations – super smooth, great buildable coverage, and it’s cleared up my skin. I’d easily say EDM is just as good as Bare Minerals. Even their brushes rock. They are synthetic so I was a little skeptical, but they are super soft and great quality.
    The best is the value you get from the kits. I can get well over $100 worth of makeup for $50 just for ordering the kit.

  10. I am not gona lie…Everyday mineral is awsome a life saver a money saver…i have spend thousands of dollar due to sking problem…was goin in depression due to poor condition of my skin…coz of acne…i had crazy white head in my skin and my skin was totally dull and old lokking at the age of 20…I have ried mac makeup sephore clinic, you name it and i had tried it…i feel like heaven after finding this makeup..I m freakn confident now and some days dont even put it on ..and rcck my skin with confidence

  11. EX loyal customer of Everyday Minerals says:

    Two years ago it was a reasonable company with good products but they change their formulas with out telling their customers and misslabled their jars, a lot of people star breaking out and when asked the responses where plain lies it is a very dishonest company, their customer service is terrible and now they are adding chemicals to their products, save your hard earn $$$$$ EDM is not worth it, no wonder they have a -F in the better business bureau.

  12. I wanted to verify the above comment a bit before I published it. Everyday Minerals does indeed now have a F rating with the Better Business Bureau. http://www.bbb.org/central-texas/business-reviews/novelties-retail/everyday-minerals-in-austin-tx-90010182#ratingdetails

  13. Big big thanks for brand suggestion :)

  14. I was happy at first to discover everyday mineral however, they have made a lot of changes in their website, price increased, less attractive promotional items to try. Makes me hesitate to make further purchases and I will hold my commendations to my friends to buy their products.

  15. Everyday minerals was one of the makeup brands that got me hooked on mineral makeup. Two years ago I turned my passion for mineral makeup into my own business and have developed my own line of products. Get inspired!!

  16. catdogfish says:

    Is anyone still using Everyday minerals? I’m interested in trying it out, however I read a few comments above which states that their quality has decreased. Can anyone, including the author of the article, verify that this is still the case, or have they improved since then? Are you still ordering from them?

    Sorry for all the questions, and thanks :)

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