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Beauty and Fashion Tech and Girl Gloss welcome high quality guest posts from other bloggers. However, because of a glut of low quality submissions, and submissions seeking what is essentially free advertising, we have become very selective in what we run and now accept only unique, high quality articles from high quality beauty and fashion blogs. Do to volume, we do not respond to guest post requests from anyone other than fellow bloggers. All links in guest posts are no follow.

We no longer accept free guest posts that link to ecommerce sites, professional services, coupon aggregators, directories, or that are submitted by SEO companies. We do not respond to requests unless it is clearly from a fellow blogger. 

Please submit only unique,  interesting, or highly useful articles, such as makeup tutorials, makeup look ideas with original photos, or extremely well written informative pieces on unique topics. Generic topics will probably be rejected.

In light of this, we have a few basic rules.

(1) Who may provide posts: We accept guest posts only from other beauty and fashion (or otherwise highly related) blogs to help fellow bloggers build their own brands and business. 

Effective June 2012, we no longer accept guest posts from ecommerce companies or professional services. We view these types of posts as advertising rather than promotion of content sites.   If you are a brand or have an online store and wish to place content on Beauty and Fashion Tech or Girl Gloss, please see our advertising page. Beginning mid-June 2012, we no longer accept posts from SEO firms or advertising agencies.

(2)  Topics: Guest posts must be on a topic related to beauty, skin care, hair care, fashion, style, women’s fitness, or accessories. Absolutely no guest posts will be accepted that would not be appropriate in topic and reading for teens or young adults and we do not accept guest posts for dietary supplements, fad diets, or other questionable products. Use common sense.

(3) Original Material Only: Guest posts must be original content and not in violation of any copyright. The content must also be prepared exclusively for our site(s) and not later be duplicated elsewhere. By submitting a guest post, you warrant that you have all appropriate copyright or license for the words and any other material, such as photos, that might be included and accept responsibility for any damages that might occur as a result of any copyright violations or defamation caused by your material.

(4) Links: Guest posts may not have no more than one self serving link in the body of the article and two links in the author’s bio section. They may not include affiliate links. All links must be nofollow.

(5) Writing and Editing: Guest posts are expected to be well written with meaningful content and grammatically correct. We reject any guest posts that are submitted with poor grammar and structure and we reserve the right to edit posts for grammar and punctuation without notification.

(7) Copyright and License: You give Beauty and Fashion a Girl Gloss a perpetual license to retain and publish your guest post. With that said, we will normally remove a guest post upon a request from you.

(6) No contract: Acceptance of a guest post is gratuitous on our part. There is no binding contract for services or performance from us. We reserve the right to remove or alter guest posts at any time and for any reason. We don’t anticipate doing so absent a violation of one of the above rules, but regardless, we do reserve this right.

If you would like to submit a guest post, please contact us.