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Tropez, Ultra Cheap Cosmetics

tropex shadow Tropez, Ultra Cheap CosmeticsI was at Walgreens the other day and came across a new line of cosmetics that I had not seen before. The Tropez line, which I don’t think is related to St. Tropez cosmetics (???), has everything priced from $.99 to $3.99. Most items were $1.99.

I purchased some items and didn’t really expect much from them. To my pleasent surprise, I found that these are pretty good cosmetics! I certainly liked them better than Wet n Wild, which is similar in price. NYC is another cheap drugstore line, and it also happens to be quite good in quality. I would generally place the Tropez products in the NYC range of quality.

The lip gloss is fairly well pigmented, feels nice, and lasts a decent amount of time. It also didn’t have any unpleasant scents or tastes. That seems to sometimes be a problem with other cheap glosses such a NYC, which looks absolutely gorgeous, but often has a bad taste to it.

The eyeshadow was also pretty good. I found it just as good as some more expensive drugstore brands and it had quite a bit of pigment, so at $1.99 for a duo, it was quite a bargain. However, NYC offers some excellent shadows with even more pigment at around the same price or perhaps only slightly more. There also were not a lot of shades to choose from.

What really stood out for me was the mascara. At $1.99, I thought I would hate it. When I opened it and saw that it had a big brush, which often doesn’t work well for me in mascara, I again thought I would hate it. I was wrong. It turned out to be quite good. It gave a nice amount of length and there was absolutely no clumping. I liked it just as much as some of the $10 and $25 mascaras that I have lying around.  It didn’t really add much curl though, so if you want that, I suggest trying something else. Cover Girl Volume Exact is a fairly affordable mascara that can be good for that.  Although frankly, I don’t think any mascara can replace a lash curler. If you want good length for cheap, check out the Tropez mascara!

This is an interesting line. I can’t find it anywhere except Walgreens and it must be quite new since I also can’t find much about it online.  If you like cheap cosmetics, it is definitely worth taking a field trip to Walgreens to take a look at!

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  1. I just noticed this line too. I’ll have to add it to my “try” list. Please post followups if you review anything else out of their line!

  2. Claudia Brodhead says:

    Hi! I appreciate inexpensive make-up lines being reviewed. Thanks!

  3. Haven’t seen this yet, I’ll have to check it out and see how it works out.

  4. sharron turner says:

    I have been reading about this line for a couple of year and they always showed it to be a Walgreens but I have looked at many different Walgreens in many different cities and asked about it and was always told they didn’t carry it. Will be looking again at my local Walgreens for it.

  5. …Beauty and Fashion Tech looks at Tropez, a great value cosmetics line!…

  6. I discovered this make-up by an accident. I use Bobbi Brown concealer ($22) but they didn’t have my color in stock, so I went to Walgreens to buy a substitute to hold me over. I purchased the Tropez concealer for $2.00. In all my years of wearing concealer, Tropez concealer has been the perfect match!!! It blends in so well even before I rub it in.

  7. That’s awesome, its like e.l.f. cosmetics, or close, e.l.f. (which btw stands for eyes lips face) sells everything for $1 so that is pretty amazing. I love these new high quality budget brands!

  8. hi i have bought this powder name (TROPEZ) at rite aid about A year ago & cant seem to find the same exact shade which is CALLED (SWEET CHEEKS POWDER BLUSH WITH MOCHA HONEY & the product number is 35307)

    please see if you can find the same exact powder for me THANK YOU….


  10. I purchased this at walgreens and it is terrific…i usually use Mac lipsticks and their liquid lipstick is terrific

  11. Andre2812 says:

    Great selection and advice…

  12. Dystortion says:

    I have received 2 eye shadow pallets from my friends on my birthday. I am very picky with my brands of makeup, I tend to lean to the “pricey” side because of quality. I decided to give the Tropez eye shadow a shot just to be nice. And guess what? I loved it. It was one of my best eye shadows out of all my brand name ones. I was very very impressed and couldn’t believe how shimmery the eyeshadows were, so I went to check around and found some on the net for a very cheap price and couldn’t believe my eyes. I would definitely buy from Tropez. <3

  13. I really love the Tropez waterproof mascara. It is waterproof, and does not smudge. I wear contact lenses and it is non irritable and after curling my lashes, the mascara keeps them curled and adds length and does not clump, or weigh down the lash so you loose your curl. I went to Walgreens to find it again and was so unhappy as they are not carrying the product any longer. I was fortunate to find it a few weeks ago at a very affordable price. I am on-line trying to find how I can order this product. I am very particular and this won me over.

  14. I purchased in Naples, Fl and love the eye shadow. Can anyone tell me where to buy in Columbus, Ohio?

  15. Brenda Grayson says:

    I too have been buying a quad eye shadow @ Walgreen’s, but today they said they have discontined this line (Tropez). I need to find out if any other stores carry this product line in Austin, TX. HELP!

  16. Wendy Kelly says:

    I love the concealors so moist and they do the trick with a small amount. Other manufacturers are so dry like paste. They don’t sell at Rite Aid anymore will have to find a Walgreens.

  17. I would say this is as pigmented as, or compared to, the loreal eyeshadow duo. I love it esp. Olive Oasis, it makes a great nutral or even a green smokey look, which great for the day time. I got a lot of lovely eyeshadows(6 shadows) for only 4 bucks. AWSOME!

  18. I too have been using Tropez cosmetics. I have been wearing Tropez foundation in warm honey. Walgreens has discontinued it and KMart no longer carries the foundation. Help! This was the only foundation I have been able to find w/o the obvious red undertones.

  19. Carleenp says:

    Unfortunately it seems that both Walgreens and Kmart have discontinued Tropez. Rite Aid used to carry it, but I don’t have one near me to check if they still do so. Hopefully the company didn’t go under as this is one of the best all around very affordable cosmetic lines. I would have included them in my recent best drugstore eyeshadow article, but left them off because they are getting so difficult to find. :(

  20. Robin Taylor says:

    I started using Tropez liquid foundation about three years ago and love it. I was only able to find it at K-Mart and now they don’t even sell it. This was the only makeup that could match my complexion. Everyone always ask me what kind of makeup I use. Glad to know I can find it at Walgreens.

  21. Hi Robin! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Walgreens doesn’t seem to carry it anymore either. I can’t find it in my area (Chicago) anyway. It is too bad, since it was such a good affordable line!

  22. Tropez is not a new line. I first began buying this brand back in 1989. I liked the price then (only 69 cents for a tube of lipstick). I have purchased and used many shades of their lipstick, from Chocolata to Beri Beri Red to Rum Raisin, all with great results. It is very difficult to find now that many Rite Aid stores have closed. The last Rite Aid that I could buy this line from closed down earlier this year, so I am making do with what Tropez lipstick, eyeliner, and eye shadow I have left. Walgreen’s recently opened in my neighborhood, taking the place of the Rite Aid, so I will check there for this brand. I searched online and found the company that has taken over the brand. I sent their customer service dept an email a few months ago asking for stores in my area that sell Tropez, but never received a response. Perhaps if others wrote, the customer service dept would get on the stick. The company is named Markwins I believe. This product line is the best and cheapest I have ever used, and I have been wearing makeup for over 45 years. The best shade they have in my opinion, is Lush Apple Red. I have tried other lines trying to get that truly red color I want, but none, and I have tried MANY shades, just to not stack up to Tropez’s Lush Apple Red.

  23. I liked right away the Tropez liquid foundation.It bend so nice and fits my complexion perfectly.But did someone try the Tropez concealer? I want to know if it has a good coverage?

  24. Carla cruz says:

    I can’t believe that i can’t find this line of product anymore, K-mart here in SC stop caringit over a year ago, and i treid all the other ones to look for it at, but they no longer carry it anymore either, If i had know they were going to discontinue this product i would have stocked up on all my favorite Well, if anyone know of any place to buy it please let me know, i did not hear from the company about purchasing it wholesale, Well, take care everyone….

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