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Contest! Win the M.A.C. Antiquitease/Colour Collection

200 1antiuities collection Contest! Win the M.A.C. Antiquitease/Colour Collection Beauty and Fashion Tech is giving away the entire limited edition M.A.C. Cosmetics Holiday Antiquitease Colour Collection!

This fabulous collection of limited edition holiday cosmetics consists of: 5 lipsticks, 4 lipglass shades, 2 cream eyeliners in gold and black, 5 mineralize eyeshadow duos, 3 pigments, and two nail polishes in a flat white and incredible gold.

For full write ups on the collection, see my previous review of the cosmetics, my post on the nail polish, and my review of the lip products at Girl Gloss. This is one of my favorite M.A.C. collections, with some unique products to help you create interesting and beautiful holiday looks.

How to Enter: Between now and the end of November 15, 2007, leave a comment on this post providing information on one or more of the following: (1) What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics; (2) If you have not tried them before, why you would like to try M.A.C. Cosmetics; or (3) What you would do with the collection if you won.

Be sure to fill in your email address in the comment form (it won’t be published). Your answer can be short, but you must answer one of the topics to win. Just saying “hi” won’t cut it!

On November 16, 2007, I will randomly draw a winner and notify him or her by email. One entry per person and per household. Multiple entries will be disqualified.

This will not be the only holiday giveaway this year. So keep an eye out both here and at Girl Gloss for future holiday giveaways!

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 Contest! Win the M.A.C. Antiquitease/Colour Collection

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pixel Contest! Win the M.A.C. Antiquitease/Colour Collection


  1. Question 1: What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics:

    I love M.A.C. Cosmetics because:
    a) Foudation: They have a lot of shades! One should be yours! I am kind of fair and it’s hard to find your right shade!

    b) Eyeshadows: They are highly pigmented! Wide range of colours, totally love them!

    c) Concealer: Studiofinish concealer has great coverage, and also in my shade!

    Question 3: What you would do with the collection if you won?
    I will be really happy!! Love learning new make up techniques and experiment with it! If I am pro at it, I would give family and friends a make over!

  2. I would so love to win this! Why? Because I have 2 teenage daughters who absolutely LOVE MAC! I also love their concealers & their eye shadows are fabulous! Oh, and I LOVE the lip glass too! What would I do with this great gift if I won? Well, I would give it to my girls of course. But since it is still inmy house, I will have access to it all! :) SO I will sit here, with my fingers & toes crossed until the 15th!

  3. What I love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics:
    I love how each new MAC collection makes me rabid with anticipation! I love collecting and playing with their unbelievable eye shadows. I love their color stories, the names of the products and the packaging (especially LE packaging). I hope I win!

  4. Angela Julian says:

    I have never used MAC Cosmetics before. I have many fabulous friends who would rather buy MAC Cosmetics than buy food! So, I have decided to inquire what all of the ruckus is about!

    I too, would like to experience something so powerful. I am interested in getting into Make-Up Artistry and think that this would get me off to a great start!

    Cheers to the new cosmetic line that I may soon make my own!

  5. 1) What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics? I love all the glosses! The texture is great, they’re long lasting and the colors are beautiful! (3) What you would do with the collection if you won? All the colors look so pretty that I’d want to keep them! But, I’d probably wrap a couple up and make them stocking stuffers for my girlfriends – maybe one lipstick, one lipglass, and shadow! :)

  6. I have so many reasons to love MAC! Their colours never fail to provide me with endless possibilities and looks. Also, they have many products which are not only useful to the pro, but to the everyday woman also. Their products are a good quality usually, and yet not very expensive. If I win the collection, I’d love it and keep it and cherish it. XD

  7. what I love most about mac is there wide range of eyeshadow colors. we can create a fun birght look to a subtle natural look~ love them! I hope I win!!!

  8. Christina Elizabeth says:

    What do I love most about MAC Cosmetics? What’s not to love?! The quality of their products alone is enough to make me love them, but I truly love their ethics – the back to mac program is a great idea that I believe every company should adopt. Their eyeshadows with the combination of paintpots are the only ones that will stay on my eyes for more than 12+ hours a day. I just love MAC!

    If I won, I would be so thrilled! I’d love to be able to create new looks with these gorgeous new colors and be able to enhance my ability. :)

  9. Well I’m a teenager, so if I won this collection, I’d call up my two best friends, invite them over, and take a break from studying for the SATs/ACTs/Random other tests by playing with pretty makeup.
    And, from MAC, I especially love their lustre and lip glasses. I love that there is so many colors and options to choose from.

  10. Each time I use MAC products, it takes me back to the first time I used MAC: a high school homecoming dance. I headed out to my local suburban mall before the dance to have my makeup done at the department store MAC counter. I asked for a smoky eye, and pretty much left the rest up to the makeup artist. When she was done…wow. It was the first time that I had truly seen the transformative power of makeup! Was that really me in that mirror? It was as if all my facial insecurities had been erased, while all the features that I loved about my face had been magnified and enhanced.

    I had always been a product girl, but my first experience with MAC taught me that there could be more to an experience with eyeshadow than the latest glittery creation from wet and wild.

  11. i love MAC because:
    1- they are adventurous and creative with their ideas and color stories, great pigment!
    3-i want to try the looks that they’ve created on the website, including those nails in the promo pic!!

  12. I would give the collection to my friend who loves makeup more than anything and who has had a really bad year. It would cheer her up and bring some happiness to a person who rightfully has a hard time finding it most days.

  13. I love MAC for all the great colors, especially lippies and nail polish. It was one of the first companies available where I grew up that had colors suitable for a variety of ethnicities.

    As for what I’d do with it, I’d have fun playing with the colors! It’s the frustrated artist in me. And for the colors that didn’t work for me, I’d give them to my little sister, who really is an artist.

  14. (1) I love MAC because their concealer is the only one that can completely take my undereye circles away without any creasing. Plus, the range of colors and textures in their eyeshadows is unparalleled -seriously. I can be Elvira the Queen of Darkness or just plain gorgeous. I love the texture and wear of their lipglasses… the sheer range of colors is mindboggling.
    (2) I haven’t tried MAC cream eyeliners or pigments yet, but the mere idea of making a perfect, brown-gray smoky eye in the colors that this collection has is making me smile.
    (3) If I won, I’d invite all my girlfriends over and try a couple looks from the site on – I particularly fancy “Her Fancy.” Ooh. Then I’d get around to perfecting my smoky eye.

  15. I love MAC becuase the colors are so rich and it stays on you the WHOLE DAY/NIGHT!!! The colors make you stand out and just makes the whole day/night better!!! :)

  16. Winning this means a lot to me. I’ve known MAC only for 1 year . But I’m totally addicted to MAC with its eye shadows, blushes, foundations … MAC has a wide range of colour so that I can find my colour easily . Besides it stays on whole day and what you see on the pan is what you get . The colour is soo true . Lovee MAC very much .
    Cause now I’m in Viet Nam , which sadly has no MAC store . So winning this is the only chance for me to get the whole collection of MAC.

  17. Patty Santos says:

    (1) What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics
    What i love the most about M.A.C is that it takes make up into a whole other level, they make you feel like u are Rembrandt or one of the finest painters it gives me creative juice.I also love the range of colors(eye shadows,foundations,concealers,etc)and the amazing quality that all of the products have.I just love M.A.C as simple as that is! :p

    (3) What you would do with the collection if you won.
    I would treasure it! That would be my special make up that i would wear to feel like a superwoman!

  18. Rachel T. says:

    If I won, I would pick out the pieces that I have been wanting and then let my two younger sisters have their picks along with my best friend. Then, if there was stuff left, I would use the rest to commit random acts of beauty to girls on the web, on LJ, forums, and MUA.

  19. My very first MAC product that I had purchased was Blot Pressed Powder. It’s truly a HG for me-the powder keeps my oilies at bay all day and the compact is so convinient for my purse. Secondly,I adore MAC great variety of eye shadows: thanks to MAC, I have found a few HG eye shadows for my daily uses.
    Honestly, if I’d be lucky to win it all,I would definitely keep some to myself :), however I’ll donate quite a few items to women in need: those who are not fortunate enough to allow themselves buy fine cosmetics like MAC.

  20. Stephanie says:

    I have never used M.A.C. Cosmetics before, and I can’t believe I haven’t. I only hear good things about the products. The packaging for this year’s collection looks absolutely gorgeous. I have always wanted to try the fabulous colors that M.A.C. usually offers, and I think this year’s collection definitely delivers on that end. I also loved the looks that Eve wore in her “Tambourine” video that I believe were done with M.A.C. cosmetics. All great reasons to give the line a try!

  21. I have just started purchasing MAC cosmetics and this would be a good opportunity to start building my makeup collection and trying new and exciting colors

  22. I would love to win this collection. I love MACs colors and textures, especially the LIPGLASS. It’s sticky enough to stay put for ever. If I won this collection, i would share with my daughter (15) and my co-workers, all women. I love this site and I love MAC!

  23. I’ve never used MAC; in fact, I don’t usually use makeup at all – but my best friend is getting married next year and SHE loves makeup…so what I’d do with it is give it to her as a pre-wedding gift. It’d make her so happy… :)

  24. why you would like to try M.A.C. Cosmetics

    This past year I have discovered many new things about myself including my love for makeup. As a struggling and broke college student(ugh!) it has been hard to indulge and purchase the type of products that I wish I could (If only MAC…). I hear so many great things about MAC and am dying to try their products, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to. Until then I can only live my MAC fantasies through you MAC-aholics on blogs such as these.

  25. Hi! When I started wearing makeup I went straight to MAC and haven’t used anything else. I love the vast spectrum of eyeshadows and lipsticks that they offer and the quality of the product. I work in the HIV field and I appreciate their dedication to the work.

  26. I’ve never tried MAC, so to answer #2: they seems to have crazy, bold color palettes, while I’m sort of a neutral girl (Clinique and Prescriptives), but I’d really like to brave those blues and red/purples on the eyes, and especially some of the darker reds on my lips. They have a brownish cast, so I’m hoping I can pull that off. If I play with them at home, maybe I’ll be brave enough to go to the counter and let them make me up. :)

  27. (Q3 answer) This is easy. I’ll give this fantastic collection all to the lovely lady in my life – it’ll make her day!

  28. I’m 29 and just this year started using makeup regularly for the first time in my life. (Previous to this my makeup routine was limited to Chapstick.)

    I’m a natural redhead, complete with the very fair skin and freckles, and I am amazed by how much fun I have with color in makeup, and MAC is supposed to be the best! Quite simply, I can’t wait to try the colors in this Holiday collection!

    If I win, I’ll be sure to send you photographs of all the looks I put together. :-)

  29. 1) What is MAC cosmetics? Never heard of them.
    2) I don’t use make-up at all, isn’t it time to try?
    3) After trying the colors and determining what I like, I will donate what I do not need to a cross-dressing friend of mine.

  30. Why I love MAC cosmetics?

    Who wouldn’t!! that’s the first thing I’ll say!!.. I love the colors, the versatility, the vast collections, and the high quality it come in. I just started this summer, and I haven’t been able to stop. I’ve been waiting forever for this collection to come out, and I ran into family problems, so I haven’t had the money to buy them. I am especially into pigments, and seeing everyone with the three colors on, makes want them ever more. I would love to WIN this!!!

  31. (1) Definitely the wide color range! Eyeshadows, liners, lipsticks and glosses come in every color imaginable. I can always pick out a color that I like.

    (3) It would totally become a part of my small yet slowly growing MAC arsenal! However, I don’t usually like to keep colors that don’t work on me, they just take up storage room, so I would first try out the ones that I would like to keep and the rest will be given to friends as gifts.

    Thank you for this wonderful contest!

  32. I have never used MAC Comsmetics before but I have always heard good things about the products. I have wanted to try them for a while but as a teenager I can’t afford it. I think that makeup is an awesome way to show girls how beautiful they really are. If I won this collection I would use it to give make overs to my friends and my sister. It is amazing how much confidence a little lipstick can give a girl. I love to share the feeling a good cosmetic can give a girl. I don’t think that makeup is to be used to cover one’s face but rather to play up one’s features and letone’s true self shine out. Mac seems to have colours and products that allow you to express yourself through your makeup. I would really like to share my passion with others and this kit would give me an amazing opportunity to do that.

  33. [2]If you have not tried them before, why you would like to try M.A.C. Cosmetics

    Well I’ve heard a lot of raves and I really don’t have good access to MAC so I would like to try this.

  34. I love MAC cosmetics because they are one of the only quality lines with daring, dramatic colors! I love the variety and how each collection introduces something exciting. I have never used their nail polish but I am such an addict for their lipglasses and eyeshadows!! If I got this collection I would be in my bathroom for 3 days straight trying out all kinds of combinations and looks!

  35. 1) What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics – I love the HUGE range of eyeshadow colors and how the makeup artists are always on the cutting edge of high fashion!

    3) What you would do with the collection if you won – I’d find some way to use every product before the year is up!

  36. 1) I love MAC because of the wide variety of colors, textures, brushes, and innovative products. They even make neutrals interesting! Before MAC I had no idea how much fun putting makeup on in the morning could actually be.

    3) Many of the items in this collection would round out the leaner areas in my collection (like silvers). For the other items, I have a friend who hates to buy makeup. I’d love to give her some fun colors and teach her how to use makeup. She has a particularly difficult time with eyes, which I think is partially due to uncomfortableness with matching shades. This collection is one of the most coordinated collections I’ve seen in a while and would be of great use to her.

  37. 1. i love MAC because they really have a wide range of products that work with any skintone and type. Also, they always have new and interesting collections to make cosmetics and playing with makeup fun.

    3. If i won the MAC contest, i would probably keep the gold fluidliner and nailpolish, but the rest I would want to donate it to a mom or young lady that lost her home and belongings in the San Diego County area fires.(were I live) many of these people lost everything they had and i think that one of these ladies would be happy with a gift that this.

  38. I, like many many other women, would love to win this collection because i *love* MAC cosmetics. It is simply the only cosmetic line that never lets me down…and not just the quality. They never fail to inject fun and glamour into their collections, and i truly enjoy the touch of whimsy. All of this and they keep their prices reasonable, when they have a large enough following that they could easily start inching the prices skyward. As a SAHM mother of two boys with a limited income, i rarely feel glamorous. But when i stick my makeup brush in a little pot of Tan, smudge on my Blacktrack, and paint my lips with Rage, i feel beautiful. That’s why i’d like to win, that and the fact that since it’s being released when i go on my yearly OMG I HAVE TO SHOP FOR MY ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY AND THE BOY’S TEACHERS freak out, i will not be able to justify spending the $$$ on myself ;-)

  39. 1) I love the unique and huge range of colors of the eyeshadows and pigments.

    3) I would play with them and share with my sister.

  40. 1). What I love the most about MAC Cosmetics: I went to their store on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles years ago. As I shopped around, one of their makeup artists approached me and asked if I needed help-not pushy, very genuine. I told him that I was wondering if I was using the correct colors for my complexion. He sat me down and explained the best colors-shadows-foundations-lipsticks, etc. that would flatter my look. I ended up buying everything that he so expertly put used and showed me how to do all of it at home. About a year later, I did a drastic change in my hair color and went back to the same artist. He updated my look to ensure that I just sparkled! Since then, I have taken at least 6 of my girlfriends to that man. My friends sit at his chair while I shop around and see the new offerings at the store. He even showed all of us what brushes to buy and which ones I really didn’t need. I felt like a celebrity by the very personal treatment I and my friends have recieved. I am very loyal to that store and cannot wait to try the new false eyelashes with the clear band-great idea and so many eyelash options!

  41. #1 i love everything about mac. especially how the colors from each collection can be mixed and blended with each other.

    #2 i have not tried any of the pigments, or mineralize shadows, so i would look forward to trying them.

    #3 if i win i would keep all, no i would share with my mother.

  42. little_ninah says:

    What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics?
    The thing I love most about M.A.C. is their wide variety of wonderful quality eyeshadows. I feel that I can experiment and try things out of my “comfort” zone, or purchase basic colors and get a great deal for my money. I love the hype around the company because I can always find reviews of new collections to help me in my purchase decisions. Another thing I appreciate is the descriptions and textures are always available online. M.A.C. makes buying makeup fun!

  43. Jessica Kim says:

    Hi! I would love to win this! I love MAC mainly because of the wide range of eyeshadow colors. I have also just started using their lipsticks, which I absolutely adore. I really admire how they’re not afraid to be bold with color and be fun and creative.

  44. 1) What I like about Mac,the cutting edge colors, the variety,the themed collectins,and the price is decent for high end imo.
    I fi was to win,I would share the items with my teenage daughter,& my fellow mu addicted friends =)

  45. (1) What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics:

    I love their gel eyeliners, lipsticks, brushes, variety of eye shadow colors and nail polishes.

    (3) What you would do with the collection if you won.

    I would love to try out various ways to create new looks with the mineralize eyeshadow duos, and I would give the other parts of this collection as gifts.

  46. (1) What I love most about MAC cosmetics is that they have a huge color selection and if you are buying a MAC product, you know you are going to get quality.
    (2) I mainly have only eye makeup products, so I would like to try more of the full range of MAC cosmetics because they have such a great reputation. It seems the “standard” for everybody to list their skin color as a MAC foundation color code (I always feel left out because I have no idea what mine is! haha).
    (3) If I won the contest, I would….have a lot of fun! I’d probably have to buy a lot more storage bins!!!!

  47. Tessa Gibson says:

    1) I love the range of colors where I can go neutral one day and bold the next.
    3) I would give away some of the items to my girlfriends who haven’t tried MAC and try to get them hooked :)

  48. Ellyndria says:

    What do I love about MAC? Well, I am a new MAC user, and all I’ve tried is a few eyeshadows so far, but I’m loving how pigmented they are. I was not into eye makeup before because eyeshadow in general always seeemed so blah, but these make me want to wear it all the time. I’ve heard good things about the pigments and lipglasses too, so if I won this collection, I would get to try out some other MAC products (and probably become addicted to them too).

  49. 1). What I love most about MAC Cosmetics is that there is something for everyone. They come out with interesting colors and collections all the time.

    3). If I won this contest I would share the collection with my friends- I have a few colors that I would keep for me and the rest would be up for grabs. Share the wealth. :)

  50. What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics?

    I’ve always adored MAC – I remember being younger, intimidated but awed by the pretty colours and the gorgeous sales assistants. I really got into makeup in ’05 though, through some arty friends, and thus began my journey as a beauty junkie!

    Mostly, I love MAC – and makeup in general, but having Lucky Green on my eyes seems to make the effect more pronounced! – because it makes me feel fantastic. I love knowing that my liner is perfect, that my Russian Red mouth will not be bleeding by the day’s end. I love the colours, the textures, the smells of the lipglasses and the creativity that makeup allows.

  51. (1) What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics: I love their vibrant eye/lip colors/shades

    (2) If you have not tried them before, why you would like to try M.A.C. Cosmetics: I have tons of their makeup, esp. their eye makeup. I even have a pro palette!

    (3) What you would do with the collection if you won: I would use it! : )

  52. 3). I would share the MAC winnings with my daughters. They love MAC. :)

  53. I have tried MAC in the past, and I have always loved their eye shadows and lip glass. I currently use their eyeliner that you can wet down and paint a perfect line with their eyeliner brush. I love how MAC uses saturated colors and takes risks with their limited edition collections. I am really excited to try Antiquitease. I love the packaging, and more importantly I love the colors. If I win, I will send pictures of the different looks I can create to Beauty and Fashion Tech. :) Thanks for the great contest!!

  54. I’ve never tried MAC but have wanted to for a long time now! I read many beauty blogs and they are always talking about the great products and showing pictures of the beautiful colors of all the products. This is such a beautiful collection of their products and a great way to start using MAC!

  55. (1) What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics;

    I love MAC, because they offer high quality products at a very reasonable price. Second, I love MAC because it keeps updating itself, coming out with fabulous collections, and always beeing on top of the fashion world.

    (3) What you would do with the collection if you won.

    What would I do? I would share it with friends…a gift so great needs to spread joy to more than one person! :)

  56. (1) What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics: I’ve been a M.A.C. fan for four years now. My first two eyeshadows were Filament and Greensmoke and now I’ve built up a decent size collection of goodies. The richness of the pigments and the variety of finishes that MAC offers in their products blows me away. Their blushes go on like silk and the eyeshadows are usually easy to blend and last for hours with the great bases of either Paints or the Paintpots. I LOVE M.A.C.!!!

    (3) What you would do with the collection if you won: I could use almost all the colors in this collection and if there wasn’t any I could use or was too bright for my NC15/blonde hair/blue eyed complexion, I’d share the rest with my gal pal Latoya! I think Queen’s Sin and Red Romp would make the perfect vampy red lip for the holidays paired with a light smokey eye!

  57. (1) I love the variety of hues that they provide. Their colors are fabulous
    (3) If I won it, my 6 yr old daughter would get educated on the fine points of good makeup and we would have a blast. :0)

  58. (1) What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics:

    I LOVE their eyeshadows. I love depotting them and putting them in adorable palettes, and making amazing new combinations on my green eyes :)

    (3) What you would do with the collection if you won:

    I’d do makeovers on my mom and sister, and play around with all the colors, feeling like the luckiest girl alive! :)

    Thanks for this!

  59. I LOVE Mac cosmetics because they give me the opportunity to be my own makeup artist. The color payoff and selection is amazing and I can create looks I never could before I became a MAC addict. If I won, these colors would rock my holiday looks.

  60. I love the fact that MAC is an exciting line with so many new color stories! There is a color and texture for everyone! Even though I’d like to enjoy every single item if I win, I’d share with my teen daughter and my sister. I’ll put everything on the table (after I pull out a favorite item or 2!) and let them dig in! Thank you for such a GREAT contest!!!

  61. Natalie Monk says:

    Being that I am an older sister and it is prom year for my younger sister, I would definitely host a pre-prom makeup session for her and her friends!!

  62. I’ve only recently discovered MAC products. My foray into the world of makeup only really started about a year ago, (I’m 23.), and MAC is, for me, everything I love about makeup. I love playing with wild colors and textures of makeup, and MAC delivers high pigmentation, blends well, and they allow you to both look like yourself in a radiant light and like someone completely different! If I won this collection, I’d wear probably one product every day until they were gone! I’m totally in love with the gold fluidline, and would wear it to death… here’s hoping i win!

  63. I love MAC lipsticks/glosses. I also love the fact that they are constantly bringing out exciting new collections.

  64. 1) My mom introduced me to MAC and I’ve been using it ever since! I’ve tried other products but nothing can compare to MAC. My skin never breaks out when I use their powder; my eyeshadow lasts from 6am to 6am the next day; the eyeliner glides on so smoothly and effortlessly, I don’t even need to tug and pull at my eyelid; I can go on and on and on……but above all, it makes me feel like a million bucks! there are so many shades and colors to choose from, an absolute gift from heaven.
    3)I would love to give it all to my friends and family. I’ve always told them that MAC is the greatest, and I’m sure they’ll agree once they try it! it’s going to be so fun….

  65. Siobhan Williams says:

    I love the application, color intensity, and wear of MAC cosmetics. If I were to win the collection, I would look fabulous!

  66. If I win this collection, I would share it with my mom and my sister. We’re huge fans of MAC!

  67. I love the wide range of colors that Mac has in there base line. After all, it is the same makeup that Cirque du Soliel uses in their shows.

    If I had this full collection, not only would I use it to look fabulous, I’d give my friends makeovers experimenting making awesome holiday looks.

  68. Denise Thompson says:

    I have never used MAC but have heard great things about the entire line – especially the lipstick! Oh, what I could do with an entire collection !!!

  69. 2) I’ve never tried MAC b/c it’s a little out of my budget range. However, I’d love to try it b/c I think the colors and the products themselves are so daring and dramatic. No other brand brings on the glamour and drama quite like MAC does.

  70. (1) There’s so much to love! But I can break it down into two categories:

    a. THE COMPANY. MAC is one of the few counters at the department store that doesn’t feel stuffy and perfume-drenched – there’s edge and style; there are fabulous gay boys camping it up in amazing makeup alongside fiftysomething women with an artistic flair (at least there are at MY local counter, yay for Macy’s in Holyoke MA – I love you Borjana!); and the company is philanthropic – Viva Glam is an amazing charity; who else donates 100% of the proceeds of a lipstick? And their recycling program is fabulous… I could go on!

    b. THE PRODUCTS. I’ve been using MAC for almost four years now and becoming more and more confident and artistic in my application. MAC offers product quality to rival the pricier designer brands. I especially love the eyeshadows and lipsticks – just classic!

    (3) What you would do with the collection if you won.

    Honestly, I’d share the love – I have a pretty good-sized collection and would only keep what I absolutely know I would use. I love giving makeup to my friends! And I’d certainly dole out a few makeovers, too.

  71. LaChrista says:

    I love MAC Cosmetics because they offer a variety of foundations that compliment all shades of skin. I am a woman of color who has a difficult time finding “the right blend.” MAC Cosmetics compliments my skin which is a plus. Also, the eye shadows and lip glosses are top of the line.

  72. 1. I was a neutrals girl before MAC; MAC introduced me to a world of COLOUR and TEXTURE five years ago and there’s been no turning back since.

    2. MAC rocks! (I love love love my MAC makeup brush collection)

    3. A makeover party with my girlfriends!

  73. purrtykitty says:

    I love MAC cosmetics because of the huge range of colors and because MAC is always coming out with new colors…bottom line, the counter is never boring and I can always find something to add to my collection. If I won, I’d be wearing MAC morning, noon and night – and I’d give away the ones I already bought to my friends!!

  74. 3. if i won i would share this collection with my sister, we are both huge mac fans, and makeup addicts

  75. I like MAC because it has consistently been innovative and creative.

    I used MAC foundation and lipliner when I was much younger but thought MAC was suited to younger women but after reading beauty blogs featuring MAC and revisitng MAC counters, I realize MAC is appropriate for all ages. I would like to try the MAC lipsticks, gel and pencil eyeliners, and the makeup brushes!

    If I win this collection, I will keep a few products but will bring the rest with me to Manila when I travel there in December.

  76. 1. what i love most about MAC cosmetics is that they have such an amazing range of colors and textures! you could use MAC makeup to create a sophisticated, corporate boardroom look or a crazy, dramatic fashion show look! they have products to produce just about any look that you could possibly dream up. my favorite MAC products are definitely their eyeshadows, i could play with them forever! plus, i love that MAC considers EVERYONE in their color choices for foundations and powders and concealers- they literally have a color for everyone out there. not ten colors for white women and 2 for black and latin women! they cover all the bases and include everyone. their prices are fair, the quality of the products is excellent, and they keep the fun in makeup. i adore MAC and i would use the Antiquitease collection to create a 100 different looks and styles for myself! i would make over myself and my girlfriends and i would have SO much fun with it. so please pick me, i would so genuinely appreciate it!

  77. What I love most about M.A.C. cosmetics is how supportive they are of the gay, lesbian, and transgender communities. M.A.C. is just about the only counter you can visit and always find a man, decked out to the nines in all of their latest cosmetics, looking fabulous and feeling beautiful! they also raise money for AIDS with their Viva Glam collections, and don’t test their products on animals. In today’s world that is so focused on turning over a profit, it’s nice to see a company who still cares about people and tries to do the right thing.

  78. 1.What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics?

    M.A.C. is my favourite makeup brand.

    Their products are outstanding! M.A.C’s variety of products with infinite application possibilities, allows me to use them for a variety of purposes. Many products can be combined for different finishes or for more vibrant color. Additionally, the selection of colors available in the powder and cream shadows, lipsticks, paints, pigments, glitters and blushes assures that whatever I am aiming to produce can be completed as envisioned. The extensive variety of colors and formulas of these products along with the high pigmentation make any makeup look scream: “It’s M.A.C!”

    I also love the fact that M.A.C has its own skin care products formulated especially to work with and compliment their existing makeup products. The skin care line not only prepares the canvas perfectly, it leaves the skin ready and radiant for make up application. M.A.C products are great and the quality is outstanding!

    Moreover, M.A.C’s committment philanthropy only adds to what makes this brand so outstanding: their dedication to help the most in need.

  79. 1. Selection of colours and texture. Everything comes in every possible colour/texture combinations!

    3. Oh I would just hoard everything. Maybe share some with my mom. LOL. But I’ll get first dib.

  80. i only have a few mac items, but i love all the beautiful colors in the stores. such eye candy!

    if i were lucky enough to win, i would keep a few products for myself, and then use the rest to become the best aunt ever this christmas!

  81. (1) Ihis one is easy to answer, hard to STOP answering! I’m a “mature” MAC user; I only discovered MAC in a “teacher-lets-down-her-hair-takes-off-her-glasses” moment two years ago & now, I cannot get enough MAC (or just try it- after all, a teacher’s salary doesn’t permit lots of MAC BUYING…). So: A.) No other line I’ve seen has such a variety of beautiful colors & formulations, and everything I’ve tried is lovely in application, wear, and LOOKS. B.)MAC embraces most everyone; while it’s not a “young-perfect-supermodels-only” brand, every person in MAC photos – old or young, gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, or straight, any race, religion, size, EVERYONE – comes out looking like his or her OWN perfect version of a “supermodel.” C.)MAC has a real conscience, not only in all its fundraising for great causes (ex.-Viva Glam for AIDS!), but in promoting diversity both in its hiring and in its advertising and campaigns.
    Like I said, easy to answer but hard to shut up – so I’ll quit here.

    (3) What you would I do with the collection if I won? Express myself! Play! Enjoy the beautiful colors & packaging. Thrill my husband (…he LOVES how I look since I discovered MAC – he loved my looks before too, when I only used the limited palettes available in the drugstore stuff I used – but now, such a difference!Glamor!)!

    (Sorry for all the gushing & going on & on….)

  82. It’s been a long time since I’ve bought MAC cosmetics because I got hooked on Cargo BUT I still have a bunch of older MAC products which I love (blush, eye shadow). I’ve been thinking about checking them out again so if I won this package I would go into MAC and ask them to show me how to best apply some of the products as well as give me recommendations on other products I should use. In addition, if I won, it would make it the best birthday ever (Nov 16).

  83. I love MAC’s colors more than anything! They’re bright and fun, but sheer and wearable, so I never feel clownish (I have pale skin, so that’s always a big concern). Also, their prices are very reasonable considering the quality of the products. I’m a poor college student who still likes to look great, so it’s the perfect brand for me.

  84. I have never tried MAC Cosmetics, but I have always wanted to. MAC cosmetics is made up of quality ingredients that won’t make your face break-out, and my face is very sensitive to some make-up products. Thank you so much for this contest!

  85. What I like most about MAC cosmetics is that they are the source for the newest looks, and cutting edge trends. I love that they are constantly creating new lines and releases, challenging the preconceived norms and just plain keeping makeup interesting and new. I love how they have knowledgeable staff who remain interested in their work. They also have ethics which is rarely seen in such large corporations. They believe in raising money and awareness on aids, and don’t test products on animals…. So overall I LOVE MAC

  86. 1)I love M.A.C. cosmetics because of everything!!! I love the thousands of different shades of every colour for about everything they have. i never saw a makeup brand where i could choose from about 5 different white and 10 different green shades of eyeshadows ;D
    i love the fact that the range is just fabulous, i also love the way it just is. it really is long-lasting, great, and my neon-eyeshadow palette which i picked myself stunns my friends everytime i wear it.
    i also love the fact that they bring out different collections so frequently, and there is something for me every single time.
    2) i would just wear every single product if i won.
    as i already said, in every collection i can find something for myself, and in this one, i just cant decide what i want most. i just want to look pretty for myself and for my boyfriend. and im sure that i will with this new collection by M.A.C.

  87. I’d love to win this set! First, in response to question #2, I’d love to use M.A.C. Cosmetics because the colors seem so vibrant. I’ve been using strictly Bobbi Brown for at least a few years, and I am ready for a change. The M.A.C. collection is one I have been considering for a while. Now to question #3, I’d experiment over and over and over again if I got my hands on this Holiday Antiquitease Colour collection. I’d have more fun with makeup than I have had lately. I have become a bit boring with my routine, and I think this collection would spice things up nicely! Thanks for the contest. Good luck, everyone!

  88. I LOVE MAC-did I say I LOVE MAC! They have fabulous colors even for a neutral loving girl like me. The textures of the shadows and lipsticks are rich. I am a huge MAC fan and have loved all of the products I have tried.

  89. What I love about MAC is that they understand women. Some of us like to use makeup to just accentuate what’s already there, and others of us like to completely reinvent ourselves. This is what MAC knows how to balance with their collections….the simple and the extreme. Add the excellent quality of the products, and you have perfection! Thanks for this giveaway!

  90. 1) I love the fact that MAC has ALOT of colors. I absolutely adore their wide selection of eyeshadows, pigments, eyepencils etc. I really like using their fluidlines, it’s such a great and dependable product.

    3) I would try different eye shadow combinations with the collection. The eyeshadow duos look really nice. The nail colors looks really cool so I will try those out too. And I can always use another blacktrack!

  91. What would I do with these if I won? Well, I’ve hit the big 3-0, and in facing up to the fact that I’m no longer a twenty-something, I want to make my look a bit more sophisticated without getting boring. This collection is totally fun and fairy-tale, but also versatile…it can easily go subtle for work and dramatic for night. I’d love to be able to play with it.

    Ps. to Liz, #71….Holyoke Macy’s, yay! i love it too. Small world! :)

  92. I’ve never used M.A.C. cosmetics as it is too expensive for me. I have, though, been noticing their extremely LOVELY advertising posters on every of their counter’s glass panel since my prom 3 years ago! (whoever goes poster visiting every few weeks? =|)
    In Singapore, the posters are changed every 2 to 3 weeks, featuring new fantastic artwork on the model’s faces. I love the exciting differences in every one of them – especially the eye shadow because they’re sooo pigmented and colourful!!

  93. ive never used mac and would love to do so! ive wanted to take they’re make up classes but havent been able to do so yet. ive heard its great and highly pigmented which im sure ill love. im going into makeup artistry and would love to have some mac to play with

  94. Why I love MAC: Because I can find a lipstick shade I need, NO MATTER WHAT! Just standing in front of the display, looking at the plethora of hues and, textures, I practically have an orgasm. No one else offers such a vast array of pucker-pleasing divine-ness all in one place! It’s almost too much for a girl to bear! And the best part: they’re not laden with perfume! I don’t end up with my martini tasting like gardenias or some other grisly flavor like with Dior or Chanel! (And I’ll bet the men who kiss me are even more pleased about this than I am!)

    What I’d do if I won this terrific collection: You mean after I squirt from joy? I’d look *fabulous*, of course! I’d put some foundation on and immediately sit down at my vanity and begin applying colors, checking out the many, many, many combinations, and plan my next night out!

  95. I love the wide range of colours and textures!

  96. 1) I looove the colors of Mac eyeshadows. The range of shades and textures is incredibly wide. Besides being able to wear the gorgeous colors, I am able to wear very vibrant shades without trading in quality of the formula. I’m not sure I know another high quality brand that loves to experiment with shades. If I love a blue but it’s not quite the right shade, I only have to wait a few months until their next color collection that most likely will have that color.

    Saying all that, I would love to try out the other products in the Mac brand. My other face products are from Benefit, but I’m hoping to completely move over to Mac. The antiquitease and curioustease collections have won me over in that decision.

  97. 1) I love the variety and intensity of colours MAC has! Plus, MAC stuff is really long-lasting and super versatile!

  98. (1) There are many reasons why I love MAC. First, is that every collection evokes a mood or persona that can be easily recreated using their makeup. Antiquitease evokes the gold gilded era of royalty and who wouldn’t want to be made up to feel like a golden queen! Second of all the MAC has an esthetic for high quality makeup that uses amazing pigments and ingredients to help the makeup not only look good but last long as well. Finally, MAC offers such a wide array of cosmetic formulas and with their new minerlaized eye shadow pigments I can’t imagine why this collection wouldn’t be amazing!
    (3) If I were to win I would definently share this collection with all of my friends. As I am learning more about cosmetics I love to do makeup with my friends. Some of them are seasoned cosmetology pros and will help me get the biggest benefit by showing me great new ways to wear makeup. With the beautiful pigments and formulas of the antiquitese collection I will be able to learn new looks as well as hopefully create some of my own for this upcoming holiday season. Most importantly I would share it with my sister in the Virgin Islands becuase we had a MAC store that recently closed and she has no access to good quality cosmetics anymore and this would definenly be something I could share with her as well.

  99. (1) I grew up on Cover Girl, Maybelline, and wicked blue eye shadow applied right up to the browbone that would put MAC’s Parrot to shame. I loved makeup my whole life but avoided department stores because I was too broke to shop there and I didn’t like being sprayed in the eye with perfume. So until two years ago, at the age of 36, I had never used even moderately high end makeup and had never heard of MAC. I would listen to the song “Unpretty” and think they were talking about Apple computers. Then I discovered Makeup Alley.

    I bought my first MAC eye shadow about 1 1/2 years ago–Satin Taupe. I was astonished at how smoothly it applied, how lovely the color was, how pretty it made me feel to use quality makeup. I’ve continued to try MAC makeup since then, though frankly I don’t have the money to indulge the way I would like.

    The current collection looks beautiful and since I could never ever indulge myself in the whole collection, I would be really excited to have it in my little monkey paws. I would use it to make myself feel good about myself–something pretty makeup has never failed to do. Not because I think I can’t feel good without makeup, but because art no matter what it’s form makes me happy: color and creativity. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

  100. So I suppose the best way for me to answer would be to say that MAC products are always something that I save for, I don’t own a lot of their makeup so its definetly something that I treat myself to every few months. I love their humane practices and overall attention to how much makeup can change someone’s look. They aren’t afraid of color and encourage their customers to experiment!

  101. Hi!What a breathtaking contest!I love MAC products because there is such a huge variety of shades and textures to choose from,plus they are top quality and launch new products so often!Luv them!!!

  102. (1) What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics;
    The range of colour and finish for eyeshadows! Their foundation: at long last something fair enough to suit me (though their NC15 is a bit too dark for me in winter…). Furthermore, the packaging looks slick.
    (3) What you would do with the collection if you won.
    Have great fun toying with it!

  103. What i really love are MAC pigments, this is an obsession, really. I can´t have only a sample, if i really love the pigment i need it full size. I know won´t finish one full size pigment ever but i repeat, this is an obsession. I also love Mac palettes and mac mineralized e/s, they are sooooo pretty and i´m weak. I can´t afford everything i fancy because i´m an student i and don´t work, but some day i would love to work as a make up artist as a job, that would be fun, and i could get make up with discount, i would be a public menace hahahah.

  104. Huguette English says:

    I have not tried it before, as I haven’t seen it much in the local stores in my small community, it’s seems to be a great brand and I would love to try it. What would I do if I won, use it of course, that and fight with my teenage daughter on who would get it :)

  105. Heather T says:

    I have not tried MAC cosmetics before, but I have heard many say how incredible the line is. I think it’s a nifty idea that if you bring in 6 empty containers, you get a free product. It shows they they appreciate their loyal customers.

  106. Jessica H says:

    I love MAC cosmetics. I use their foundation, blot powder and technakohl liner every day. I love their fantastic selection of eyeshadow colours. Ther last collection I bought multiple items from were Smoke Signals and Blue Storm, I especially loved the Rainy Day nail lauqer.

  107. 1. What i love about MAC? the blushes are divine, gives the most natural rouge to the cheeks, the e/s are higly pigmented and have a wide range of color, the paintpots are gorgeous especially Moss scape, brushes are very functional. Indelibles are very nice too esp blacktrack which is very true black.Pigmetns are oh so beautiful and have nice color payoff.. I love that they donate to charity ( AIDS ) and have the b2m system.
    2. What i want to try? I want to have more paintpots and hopefully more collections. I hope i win this since my birthday is Nov 15 ( last day of contest and it would be a very nice Birthday gift)
    3. What i would do with the collection? i would play with it and enjoy it, after all, its MAC. *swooooons*

  108. Angela Willis says:

    Oh wow.. this is the most awsome giveaway ever!!

    I dont have alot of mac cosmetics as Im on a tight budget since Ive gone back to college (after 11 years) but I LOOOOVE their eye tints especially. Unlike other eyeshadows they seem to stay where you put them no matter how humid or what the weather is like (or if you sweat). I also love all the shimmery colors they offer and the fact that the jars go a LONG way.

    I would keep some of the cosmetics if I won.. but I would defently share some with my cousins and mom as well as I dont belive any of them have ever used MAC before :)

  109. Sara Bastedo says:

    The reason that I love MAC Cosmetics is because it is for the younger generation BUT also for the older ones also….all collections have both age groups in mind it is never segregated so you can choose your look and have fun with it either way.

  110. What I love most about MAC is that they’re reasonably priced and they have a recycle program. I love MAC!

  111. Hi there!

    I love MAC because: The color range and the texture range. They have everything from nude to glam to 80′s! Also, because of their lovely ads and their ability to keep up with – and create – the latest trends. Have you ever seen a brand that’s more innovative and daring? Not your average line…and they have a variety of models as well, not just Kate Moss. I also looove the sleek, black packagings, the professional stores and the holiday products! The LE’s are always lemmings to me, love them!

    What I would do if I won? I’d put on Katrina and the waves and dance and sing! After calming down, I’d invite my friends over. Amanda who is a blonde bombshell would get the Uppity fluidline, the gold varnish and Budding lust l/s. Hanna who is the loveliest redhead you’d ever meet would get the Majestic and Trifle l/g and the black Fluidline. I would also send a pigment to one of my best friends, A. The rest I would sincerely keep for myself, using them every day until Christmas so that I know which color combo is best for spending the Holiday in! Did I mention I love MAC? Lol! I’ve never tried the Mineralize e/s so I’d be more than happy to try it out.

    Take care and happy MAC holidays!

  112. (1) MAC has good colors that provide great payoff. You don’t have to use a lot to get the most of the product — which in the end is good economically, because they last a while.
    Plus the colors look good on darker skin tones.

    (3) What you would do with the collection if you won:
    Use it. :-)

  113. Hi Carleen!

    What I love most about MAC is its ability to make you look absolutely flawless. When I wear it I feel like I’m upgrading my look even if I’m just in sweats.

    I first tried MAC at a photoshoot and I couldn’t beleive the end results. I felt glam and all grown up. I swear I even walked different and stood taller.

    If I win I will upgrade my sister’s classis pretty look with a little touch of MAC glamour. Then I will send a tube of lipstick to each of the contributors on my blog.


  114. What I love most about MAC Cosmetics are their eyeliners! From fluidlines to technakohl liners to liquidlast liners, I love them all!

  115. I love the lipglasses and would really love to try all of their products, especially the lipsticks :)

  116. I LOVE Mac and I even have my husband trained to get me something from the mac counter every Christmas!

  117. I have not tried MAC cosmetics, but am in desperate need of some new makeup. I heard good things about MAC and would gladly use the kit if I won. I’d probably give a lipstick or two to my sister, too.

  118. 1) What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics; They are high quality makeup that doesn’t break the bank

    (3) What you would do with the collection if you won: Wear it!!!!

  119. (1) What I love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics: haha, too many reasons…they are so versatile! After years of being stuck with foundation that didn’t quite match my skin tone, I was able to find the perfect match within five minutes of seeing a MAC mua. The eyeshadow and lipgloss/lipstick colors are gorgeous–and they last all day! Perfect for daytime use, or stage drama (such as a dance performance, etc).

    (3) What I would do with the collection if I won: Probably have a MAC party with all my friends…we love to experiment on each other, and we all love MAC :)

  120. Question One: What do I love best about M.A.C.?
    1) M.A.C. has the best eyeshadows ever! They’re highly pigmented so one eyeshadow will last a very long time. They also have a great selection of colors! If I didn’t have to go to school, I’d be at the M.A.C. color trying on each and every single color.
    2) M.A.C. makeup is high quality yet still affordable!

    Question Three: If I won the collection, what would I do with it?
    I would buy a special storage container to organize them. Then I’d sit at home and experiment with different looks (ahhh darn my funky Asian eyes. They make applying eyeshadows so complicated!). I’d also share with my friends because they share their cosmetics with me so why wouldn’t I share with them (just as long as I get them back =]).

  121. I would love to try MAC’s Studio Fix Powder + Concealer. I have extremely oily skin and have heard that it works miracles!

  122. I love MAC because it’s wild! I would like to try MAC’s holiday collection! If I win this fabulous collection, I’ll share it with my daughter!

  123. sarah dunn says:

    i want to try mac cosmetics because i am sick of the drugstore junk i usually get and i have some family members who swear by it. my school teacher aunt loves the mascara and my VERY alternative and highly pierced cousin loves anything mac. so i would LOVE to see what the big deal is!!!!

  124. What I love about MAC is their color range of eyeshadows and various shades for all skin types for any ethnicity. If I won the collection, of course I would definately use them! lol..I woul also give my mom the lipsticks because she loves lipsticks.

  125. I love MAC eyeshadow..especially the fact that I can put it in palletes (I already have 2 15 pan palletes).
    I love their brushes..they are great quality and since I got them my makeup looks so much better. And yesterday I got my first lipglass in Soft and Slow..beautiful.

    If I win the collection I am going to scream first..and then play with it :-)

  126. Gabrielle says:

    (1) What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics

    I personelly haven`t owned any M.A.C. Cosmetics but I love that they have a AIDS fund, which my uncle died from.

    (2) If you have not tried them before, why you would like to try M.A.C. Cosmetics.

    I would like to try M.A.C. Cosmetics because from alot of my friends that is a very good company and no other compares to thier line of cosmetics.

    (3) What you would do with the collection if you won.

    Well since I am an aspiring makeup artist once I lose my voice from screaming I will practice on my mother if she lets me, and if she doesn`t then i`ll practice on myself .

  127. I would love the opportunity to try M.A.C! I’ve been using mineral make-up exclusively, and I’ve recently become more interested in trying some non mineral lines. I’ve heard amazing things about several of M.A.C’s products. I’m particularly interested in their eyeshadows and pigments. This collection is beautiful, and I can’t think of a better way to have the opportunity to try M.A.C out.

  128. 1) What I love MAC cosmetics? Never heard of them before now so I can’t truthfully answer this
    2) I rarely use makeup. I would love to try these out though because I only 4 pieces of makeup.. yes 4… blush, mascara, lipstic, and eyeshadow.
    3) I would keep what I like and share the rest with my daughter and/or a friend of mine.

  129. What I love most about MAC? Well I started using make up a few years ago when a frenemy told me I should “address” my dark circles.

    Since then, I have become a make up junkie and I love MAC because of their wide range of colors in eyeshadows to glosses and the different looks you can create with them

    Smokey eyes? Well gotta have nude lips!!!

  130. I have never tried MAC before and have always wanted to. All of my friends in the “beauty industry” LOVE MAC and constantly bug me that I really need to buy some products for myself. If I won I think I would have to do just that!

  131. Lush!
    MAC cosmetics have turned me into a makeup whore. I covert those little bottles and clamshells of eye shadow crack. I order two of the same lipstick so that I can always have one on hand…no matter where I am or what I may be doing. And, furthermore, I know how to get the perfect cat-eye with those cream liners, they are lust-worthy. Just the thought of inserting my #213 Fluff Brush into a bottle of virgin pigment makes me tingle. Oh yes, I am excited!
    And what would I do if I won this bevy of temptations? I would lock myself in my boudoir and experiment wildly, and wash it all off and do it again…but this time with more meaning. Once you go MAC, you never go back.

  132. I would LOVE to try MAC make-up. It’s supposed to be great, but I haven’t tried it yet because of the price. If I won this collection, I would share it with my sister and it would probably insentive me to go to my nearest MAC store or online and buy more.

  133. I haven’t worn makeup in years since I first got pregnant with my son and my face turned into a layer of goo when horrible exczema claimed my skin. Now that my skin is back, I’d really like to start wearing makeup again, but as a SAHM with 2.5 kids (#3 coming in February) buying everything from scratch since all my old makeup from 5 years ago turned into stone is tough! I’ve never tried MAC, but I’m open to anything that could potentially make me look decent again!

  134. I love MAC because their products have the most pigment in them – this is especially important for the eye shadows. I also love the shimmer and glow in some of the face products – especially the strobe cream. My friend Dawn is a makeup artist and she swears by her MAC products. The other great thing about MAC is their policy about recycling – you can bring in 5 empty containers and receive a free lipstick. Gotta love it!

  135. 1) i love that they have colors in both matte and shiny. i’m a matte girl, and i LOVE their red red lipstick. i went into a mac store for the first time and had never put red lipstick on with any success, and a mac representative ushered me to the mirror and proceeded to paint my lips so wonderfully i was amazed. i wasn’t wearing any other makeup, and was so suprised how amazing it looked on a bare face.

    2) see above!

    3) as well as being a fan of their red lipstick, i’m a big proponent of nude lipstick. there’s nothing i love more than a nude 60′s lip, because it goes so well with my freshly-cut jean seberg ‘do. that being said, i would probably divvy the collection up between my mom (who likes darker shades), my sister (who likes pink shades) and, of course, myself. gotta share the mac wealth!

    good luck to everyone!


  136. Rachel A. says:

    What I love about MAC cosmetics is that they offer so many different colors and so many shades and textures. I started using them no too long ago and fell in love instantly. Right now Im trying to expand my collection. They offer soo many tools to create just about any look that you can imagine. I would use this collection to create so many looks and to improve my techniques. There are also a lot of colors I still dont have so this collection would help lots! I’d appreciate it much!

  137. What I like most about MAC is the fact that even Eddie Izzard can wear it and still look hot. Recently, I have been playing in a stage version of the Rocky Horror show, and have done the lead’s makeup to look exactly like Eddie Izzard when MAC sponsored his “Sexy” tour.

    Any makeup that can make both men and women beautiful and, in turn, beautify a united world is a makeup I want on my face. Its ability to create different looks: day to night, fresh to glamorous, office to stage is something few other products can achieve.

    In the immortal words of Mr. Izzard himself, “It’s fantastico!”

  138. 1) Why do I love MAC cosmetics?
    Aside from the quality and amazing selection of colours, I love that I can mix and match my own eyeshadow palettes and that my empty and old pots can be traded in for lipstick. Makes me feel slightly better that I’m not chucking out a ton of plastic cases and I love that I’m able to customize palettes to my needs.

    3) What would I do if I won?
    Well after jumping up and down and squealing, I’d grab my girlfriends and try out the products! Having the collection to experiment with would be awesome!

  139. 1) M.A.C. make-up IS professional has good percentage of pigments which makes it having a real colour depth.
    2) If I win makeup collection I will use it in my make-up ”The magic of colours in rythm of carnival” project in college and be proud of it!

  140. 1) What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics

    The great colors. For the longest time MAC was the only higher end make up that was daring. Any one from a soccer mom to a drag queen can look good in M.A.C.

    (2) If you have not tried them before, why you would like to try M.A.C. Cosmetics
    Been a loyal fan for 10+ years.

    (3) What you would do with the collection if you won.
    PLAY PLAY PLAY. Maybe let my sister use some.

  141. 1)I love M.A.C. Cosmetics because of their quality and excellent and innovated color choices!
    2)I am a M.A.C. Fanatic!! Faithful User!
    3)If I won this set….I would Dance in the Street! Tell my whole world how Beauty and Fashion Tech and M.A.C. Rocks!!! This is the coolest ever! I will be ready for the holidays!!!

  142. Kristy Quinn says:

    What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics?

    1.) Paint Pots – They look fantastic alone, but they are also the best base for powder eyeshadows out there, making the colours stay put (and true) for hours!

    2.) Recycling program – Turn in your empty plastic containers for free lipstick!

    3.) M.A.C. Aids Fund – The Viva Glam collection is not only gorgeous: every cent raised goes to the fund to support the fight against HIV/AIDS.


  143. Sara Haghbin says:


    1) To be honest, I really love EVERYTHING about M.A.C. Cosmetics! The colours are beatiful, and the quality is absolutely fantastic!

    2) I only use M.A.C. Cosmetics, so I have definitely tried them before!

    3) If I won the collection, I would make up like a party queen every day!

    Kisses from Sara!! XXX

  144. I’ve never used MAC products before, only because they have been out of my price range! I would love to get to know the MAC products better because the colors look fabulous and I would love the chance to try out the different looks that they put on their website! I just started getting involved with a small but daring community theater group. They have given me the opportunity to explore my inner makeup artist. It would be so great to create some fabulous looks on stage with all those MAC products!

  145. Valentina says:

    1) The eyeshadows! Plenty of colours, make your eyes shine!

    (3) I would use the collection every single day, to feel special and beautiful!

  146. I’ve only had one encounter with MAC cosmetics and that was when I got my makeup done for the Barbie loves MAC event. I was completely amazed at the results – I was literally transformed into a whole different person. Colors I would’ve never given a second thought glammed my face to give a wow-effect worthy of a magazine cover. I was stunned to say the least. I would love this MAC set so that I can replicate the glamorous look that I had before and find different ways to transform myself and my friends. Spread the MAC love!

  147. I love MAC products because of the variety of shades and colors of their products, especially the lipsticks and lip glosses. I have loved their lipsticks for years, and I would love to experiment with this collection. I’ve been on a tight budget for a while and would love to have this.

  148. Sammy Walker says:

    I would love to have this collection because it would make me forget that my stupid boyfriend forgot my birthday!

  149. (1 & 2) I haven’t really tried MAC cosmetics as yet–I’ve dabbled a bit of their products on the back of my hand in-store, but was afraid to go any farther. What I did play with was so pretty and lush, though. There are so many colours that I don’t know where to start!

    (3) I’d definitely invite all my friends over for a huge slumber party and have fun making each other up. I know some of these would be great as little party gifts :D.

    Thanks tons!

  150. 2) I have not used M.A.C. cosmetics before. I’ve been wanting to try them because of a friend/mentor of mine who loves M.A.C. One morning when we were staying in a hotel together, I was admiring how she was applying such beautiful makeup with all sorts of brushes – until then I thought that was pretty much for makeup artists and stars! My friend has introduced me to so many things running from spirituality to fashion that it’s no wonder that learning about makeup would be one of them. I just remember marveling at how polished her makeup looked compared to the basic makeup I’ve tried. I haven’t had the money or the nerve yet to experiment with M.A.C because I can never decide what looks good on me! I end up buying lots of cheap stuff that doesn’t measure up just to try new looks. I also like that M.A.C. does not test on animals – something that I try to support in my purchases.

    3) This collection would be perfect – it would give me the opportunity to explore new looks and step out of my shell. As a girl who does computer work, I’ve been looking into new ways to express my femininity and creative side, and this would really help. And of course I would share with my friend!

  151. I love MAC cosmetics because they really stay on – the eyeliners always last through an entire day (which for me, can be the full 24 hrs). I never have problems with the lipglasses, either, they are never sticky. I’d use this collection all the time – I love the colors!

  152. MAC is one of my favorite brands simply because of the incredible range of colors they offer. of course, that wouldn’t mean anything if the color didn’t stay put, but as we all know, it does! i don’t know how they do it.

    if i won, i’d use it to experiment with the colors like crazy!

  153. I love MAC cosmetics because they are truly high quality products and they make the best colors around. I don’t have many products from MAC since I’m just a 17 year old kid with no $$(grr!), but what I do have I love to death and if I won I’d bust out and experiment with everything! I hope I win!

  154. I have only tried one of their lipsticks, and I was not impressed with the texture or the way it went on. I’m not sure if it was a defective or not, but I would like to win to give some of their other cosmetics a try.

    Certainly I have heard a lot of good stuff about MAC, but my experiences do not hold up the reputation. A no-cost trial certainly would be a great way to test them out again.

    Also, I love some of the eyeshadow colours pictured – the brown tones are quite gorgeous.

  155. I love MAC because they always seem to have whatever shade of whatever product I am looking for. Their eyeshadows are fabulous on me, they last all day with absolutely no primer! I especially love the Holiday collections each year, the sets are great for gifts or travel!

  156. Hi. I would love to win the MAC collection, because I would like to use more sophisticated and elegant makeup. I only use a basic black eyeliner. I am an archaeologist, and work with actual antiquities, and it would be nice to show that women who do field work and excavate can also be very elegant (and vice versa!). Also I am 22, so it would be nice to have fun with makeup while I am young. I would use the products that work well with my skin tone and give the others to my friends.

  157. 1)What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics = I love the colors, there is always the perfect shade for my skin tone. I also love that MAC gives back to the community. (2) What you would do with the collection if you won = I would share the collection with my mom who is also a huge fan of MAC. What a great prize, kudos to the organizers of the competition.

  158. My older sister only uses MAC products, and I am always soooo jealous. The colors are fabulous & the super long lasting wear power is awesome! I have tried hers a few times, and I am hooked!
    I would love to win this so I would have some MAC of my own (and to make her a tab bit jealous for once too, lol).

  159. I love the MAC Hyper Real foundation. While I’m not daring enough to wear some of the makeup colors I would love to try them. I would also share with my teen daughter. Every time I pass a MAC counter I am impressed with the companies innovation and wearable drama.

  160. Question 1: what do you love about MAC Cosmetics?

    I’ve been a fan of makeup and beauty products for as long as I can remember. My first memory is of “playing makeup” with my nana, and smelling like Estee Lauder youth dew when my mother would come to pick me up from my play dates.

    Now that I’m older and have discovered my own love of cosmetics, I’ve found addiction in the adored brand known as MAC. However, there is something that struck a chord with me beyond the gorgeous colors and chic black packaging. That is their acceptance.

    I’ve always been intimidated by approaching cosmetic counters as I feel like I won’t be treated very respectfully. I’m vertically challenged at only 3′ 9″ and often am not treated like a true consumer, like I’m still a child who wants to “play makeup.” However, my experience at the MAC counter has never been that way. My first encounter with a MA at the MAC counter was more than welcoming. I was loitering around wondering about which eyeliner would be best for me, and before I knew it, a wonderful MA whisked me away to do a look on me and teach me how to use fluidline. He even went and got a step stool so I could see all the products. He wanted to know my story and told me that MAC was all about embracing individuality and making people feel proud about who they were.

    That day, I walked away not only with a new eyeliner, but a sense of acceptance, belonging and feeling like I was beautiful for who I was.
    I don’t know of any other makeup counter that can be achieved at!

  161. How do I love MAC, let me count thy ways…

    1. There are so many possibilities you can do with the makeup. For example, I recently purchased Fluidline in Uppity. Instead of only using it as a liner, I use it as a base for my eyeshadows or an eyeshadow itself.

    2. I’ve tried MANY cheap grocery store brand makeup and have never been able to achieve the “look” I wanted. I spent a lot of money on grocery store brand foundations because I found it difficult to find my true color. I would buy 2 or 3 different shades at a time. Finally, I had enough of it and mustered enough courage to go to a MAC counter. I have no idea WHY I was so intimidated, but I was! They helped me find the perfect (i mean PERFECT) shade and also showed me how to apply it. From then on, I was hooked. I became very experimental with makeup because MAC was my creative outlet.

  162. I love MAC Cosmetics because the company shows that its not afraid of color, or drama, or looking out of the ordinary. MAC celebrates personal theatricality and I love supporting something that is so open-minded through an outlet that makes people beautiful! If I won I would be putting makeup on all my friends and family, boys and girls, who wanted to let the world know that they love MAC too!

  163. I love makeup and theres nothing about MAC cosmetics that you cannot love! Its absolutely georgious, but its also expensive being a college students your struggling to buy books let alone makeup. I cant afford to use MAC like a I can drug store makeup. I will be excited if I win 1)Because its the first time I will have ever won anything. 2) I finally get a chance to have some beautiful makeup that will make me feel like a million bucks.

  164. (1) What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics;

    The first time I ever tried M.A.C was at the make-up counter in a department store. I was pretty new to make-up (and I still am!) and all I had was a few drugstore products.

    I didn’t even really know what foundation was used for and the Makeup Artist politely walked me through it all. She asked me if I’d like a natural look or a colourful one. I chose natural as I was pretty daunted by colour back then. Needless to say, I ended up buying everything she used on my face that day and it was surely not a mistake (excusing all financial aspects).

    Ever since I’ve been drawn like a moth to the florescent lighting and bright displays. It’s not just the long-last wear and the colour range I love about M.A.C .. It’s the strong reputation, too. A company is nothing if it does not have a fan base and M.A.C certainly knows how to deliver.

    What would I do with the collection if I won? The answer to this is simple..I’d use it!!

  165. M.A.C. transforms me into an artist. All of a sudden, I’m van Gogh, I’m Michaelangelo, I’m Warhol. However I’m feeling, I can connote that feeling, using the M.A.C. makeup palette.

    It’s also, for me, politically empowering to buy from M.A.C, because of the recycling program and the VIVA glam AIDS awareness campaigns.

    For me, it’s not about “collecting” M.A.C. products, it’s about selecting colors that help me express myself every day. If I won the Antiquitease collection, it would transform me into being able to put a regal, refined, and yet daring and flirty face forward.

  166. I would be so thrilled to win this collection of MAC products because I love everything that MAC is about.
    I am of Indian origin and have had a horrible time covering up my dark circles since i was a teenager. MAC has the best color selection in the market. This company doesn’t neglect any ethnicity. I finally don’t have to hide behind my glasses anymore!
    And also, their commitment to recycling products is awesome. I am loyal to MAC products!

  167. 2. I have never used MAC before, but have heard for years about what a quality line of cosmetics this is. The reason I haven’t tried them before is simply — I didn’t care enough about makeup before! I lost 60+ pounds about 2 years ago and am only NOW beginning to understand the joy of caring about myself for the first time! Finally I love fashion and style, not just by admiring it vicariously on other people — but actually on ME too!
    3. What would I do? I would try every color, every type, in every situation – office, evening, weekend. I want to learn how to live graciously, beautifully, every day.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  168. MAC is fabulous! Every single product down to the make-up bags are a form of art- each different in their own way. Their eclectic collection keeps people coming back for more each time. it’s not hard to fall in love with MAC and all of there fun and creative products, moreover to fight the temptation of wanting to spend your check on the newest stuff. As an aspiring make-up artist MAC has always been my choice of make-up and makes up about 95% of my “collection in the making.” Make-up is more then just a hobby to me, but more so an art and a lifestyle. Winning this would be amazing, and a great addition to my growing collection!

  169. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about MAC cosmetics over the years but I still haven’t gotten myself out to try them. Why? If I have money I’m usually about to start another elaborate project or if I see the MAC counter I can’t afford to make the purchase at that time. I’d love to try this collection. If I won it I think I might have to use it as an excuse to make some of the pseudo-victorian outfit ideas I’ve been kicking around. ^_^

  170. love the range of colors and the price! plus, you can drop a pressed powder and it will survive relatively intact.

  171. M.A.C. has always been the star on my dream list of makeup to aspire to. My mother always had glowing reviews of the cosmetic maker’s beautiful range of colors and top-notch quality. The only thing that has prevented me from actually buying the products is the fact that I’m a poor college student. It’s been all drugstore brands up in here since I’ve started playing around in makeup. However, M.A.C. has always been and will always be at the top of my list of makeup products to buy once I can afford them and have enough makeup experience to actually justify buying its products.

  172. Maria Munoz says:

    What would I do? What can I say to that only that I would start on my make-up portfolio. I went to school for hair and make-up but now i need to get out there and to do so i need portfolio. And i guess the best way would be to donatemy time womens shelter and do there make up soo i can make them feel better and there gain little more on diffrent skin tones to do make up on.

  173. Donna Mitchum says:

    I spend alot of money on marykay products but my friends told me about the mac products that she uses and I would love to try them, her make up always is so pretty and lasts forever

  174. If I were to win this collection, I would throw a mac antiquitease holiday makeover party! I would invite all of my best female friends over and create fabulous looks for all of them!

  175. If I were to (gasp!) win this contest, I would give the entire collection to my best friend, who is getting married over Christmas. I am her maid of honor, and will likely end up doing her makeup, so this would make life a lot easier – plus, how cool would it be to give her the entire collection of MAC products as part of her wedding gift? Then she could truly be the princess she is inside!
    Hugs, Janet

  176. I LOVE M.A.C.’s Mattifying gel, it’s great stuff, especially for summer. It works for me without irritating my occasionally sensitive skin.

    The other thing is how many of the eyeshadow colors they have are actually wearable, and are so highly pigmented as well. You get a lot of mileage and such high quality for the money. Every time they come out with a new collection you go, Oh, THAT’S my favorite one – until the next time!

  177. I have not tried these before, but friends have told me they love this makeup, so I would love to give it a try!!! Please enter me! Thanks!

  178. carol woroniec says:

    Mac product ads excite me; they leave an impression of luxury at seductively affordable prices. Also Mac has a neat stand-alone counter at our local Dillards store which makes it accessible.

    Would love to win and share this prize with my “girly-girl” daughter who is also a makeup junkie.

  179. 3) I would really love to win this collection because an injury has forced me to go into a more professional line of work. I really need some good shades to create some classic looks. This collection has the perfect balance of neutrals with some extra fun colors thrown in as well.

    Previously I worked in preschool, and it has made me rather lazy about my makeup. All I wore was base, and lipgloss. Plus I found out the hard way that you can’t wear shimmery eyeshadow around 3 year olds. Unless you like being poked in the eye and told, “You have stuff there!”

  180. What I love about MAC cosmetics is their devotion to causes such as AIDS. I also love the versatility of the line. It is truly diverse, something for everyone.

  181. Jayna Martin says:

    I have not tried MAC before – but I’ve looked at their website! I love their rich colors, and the examples they give for makeup looks!
    This collection looks gorgeous – I love all the sparkle that makes for perfect holiday looks! If I won the entire collection, I would share them with my sisters while they’re here for the holidays.

  182. Elaine Rosser says:

    I love M.A.C cosmetics for their beautiful colors and easy blending for a great finish!

  183. I Love all the eyeshadow colors because you can do any look and they are really good quality. I think the whole Antiquitease is amazing and if i won i would be really happy. It would help me create new looks and let me experiment with lots of new colors and shades.

  184. i have been using mac pigment,shadow,lipsticks and foundation for two years now,the lush shades are so transforming its hard not to fall completely in love with all of mac’s products…I live in a very rural part of mississippi (population 900)and im known as ”the makeup girl”,most of the girls here are single mothers or girls who are too poor to afford a computer,much less mac makeup but they come in droves on friday evenings for me to put mac makeup on them,so they can go out.Its such an amazing feeling letting a girl who feels insecure and un-attractive see herself for the first time after a mac makeover…and i think thats what i love most about mac makeup it makes everyone who uses it feel like they are beautiful ( even if its only for Friday night;) )

  185. Trudi Shaw says:

    Let me start off by saying that I’ve never tried MAC cosmentics before. I know it’s a shocker right! However, I’ve heard so many good things about this line from colleagues and even from beauty blogs that I visit daily. Even if I don’t win this set I’ll go out and buy it on my own.

  186. I love MAC Cosmetics because they are so innovative with their colour ideas, in their products as well as their face charts. In addition, MAC is also one of the more affordable high end makeup companies out there.

  187. (1) What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics:

    I love the quality of their products. You definitely get what you pay for. I also love the colors in their collections, they’re always gorgeous.

    (3) What you would do with the collection if you won:

    First I would jump for joy. Then I would experiment with all the products and find a way to make myself look fabulous lol.

  188. Well, I have to say that I have been an avid M.A.C user for my entire makeup wearing life. It was the first non-drugstore makeup that I purchased and it was love at first wear.
    M.A.C has been with me through good and bad times, like when I wore white eyeshadow and glitter to now that Ive toned it down to a more natural look. No matter what I am going for, M.A.C always makes me look and feel pretty.

    If I get this collection I will obviously wear most of the products myself but I share with my mom since she has a different skin tone than i do and i know she would never spend money to by herself nice makeup so i would love to share the wealth with her.

  189. (1) I love MAC cosmetics because they are so vibrant & vividly colorful! I don’t know of any other brand that has the pop & fun that MAC does. It makes a girl’s night out soooo fun when we’re all putting on makeup together!
    (2) I can’t afford MAC all the time, so I pick and choose very carefully what I splurge on. There are a lot of MAC products I have yet to try, but I like it a lot so far!
    (3) I would use them to learn how to use makeup in a more dramatic way, primp up my friends for our faux photoshoots, and just have a good time in general. 1/2 of what makeup helps give me is confidence, & that extra boost really does help!

  190. Best products ever

  191. What would I do if I won? I would pick through it and find what is best for me, and what is best for my daughter. This way 2 of us can try out this brand. Have been tempted for a while to give it a try.

  192. I love mac because it carries product for every type of look and age range. I use their eye shadows and the strobe cream daily.
    If I was lucky enough to win this I would have a great time perfecting new looks with my roommates and sister.

  193. My girlfriend always uses the eyeshadows; if I win, this would be the perfect gift for her!

  194. Trinichica says:

    Why should I win this? I am a beginner MAC makeup person; I currently have the concealer which is amazing and the LipGlass lipshine which I faithfully use everyday. I would love to try more of the line since I am experimenting with new looks. I have lost 20 pounds and working on the next 30 and it just boosts a person’s mood when they look good, smell good, and feel fabulous. That’s my story. Keep me in mind. Take care

  195. I have not used MAC products before, but I’ve been meaning to . . .

    Okay, I’m just lying. I don’t fit those categories. I have bought a grand total of 5 MAC products and I wasn’t impressed. The nail polish was good but the top coat was useless. The lipstick was nice but different on my skintone than I thought it would be so I gave it to a friend.

    AND YET, I’M OBSESSED. I keep reading about how it’s such a great product! Just today I was reading about a MAC black eyeliner that doesn’t smudge. WHO DOESN’T NEED THAT?

    So I’m still looking for that magic product that will make me fall in love with MAC. If I win, I will throw lots of parties just to have the excuse to look fabulous.

  196. Congratulations to Alison, comment number 176 on winning the drawing for the collection. Alison, I have sent you an email.

    Thanks to everyone for the great comments in your entries and watch for another contest soon!

  197. What you love most about M.A.C. Cosmetics?
    well, I never used M.A.C cosmetics before and i’m getting married so i heard M.A.C. is really good so i’ll try the foundation n if i didn’t win this M.A.C. Cosmetics Holiday Antiquitease Colour Collection,I try will buy it, if it would not be so expensive.

    What you would do with the collection if you won.
    Offcourse I will use it. I can tell the collection is awesome n i really need that specially after wedding parties n stuff.

  198. I would use it cuz its such a good product and share with friends and people that cant affored it.

  199. O my gosh where should i start!!!! How about 321
    3.) When i win the mac collection I’m going to do as many makeovers as possible! Currently I’m enrolled in make up artistry @ Boca Beauty Academy and our student kits come with mac products but not make-up so this would b way HOTT!
    2.) Try mac products?? That’s all i buy or use when i can afford it (wink) i go crazy when I’m offered other products buy those clinque girls in the mall they just drive me nuts can’t they see I’m wearing MAC!
    1.) I love the smooth texture and lively colors about MAC products from the concealer to the eyeshadow its overflowing with color and when i apply it goes on smooth right in place and never looks clumpy i just love that about mac products and their lip gloss is always glossy long lasting and BURSTING with color:) 4get a milkshake my Mac LIP GLOSS brings all the boys to the Yard because MAC Lip Gloss be cool Mac Lip Gloss b POPPING lMAO:)

  200. i love mac cosmetics because i don’t get pimples. i look fabulous with those make up on my face.

  201. cindy hughes says:

    would this be the patti santos that livd in michigan, indiana, lousiana and michigan?

  202. I LOVE their eyeshadows. I love depotting them and putting them in adorable palettes, and making amazing new combinations on my green eyes

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