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The Little Black Book of Style, by Nina Garcia of Elle Magazine and Project Runway

The Little Black Book of Style Nina Garcia Project Runway Elle MagazineI am quite a book lover, and while I am usually found reading fiction, I have quite a soft spot for beauty and fashion books. Some are more enjoyable than others, and some more useful than others. Nina Garcia’s The Little Black Book of Style fits nicely into both the enjoyable and useful categories .

The Little Black Book of Style is a quick read, yet it does not lack in substance. With chapters on being your own muse, the basics, insider tips and tricks, and what to wear when, the book provides a good base of style information. It also can motivate you to clean out your closet and buy a really good handbag and pair of shoes!

The material in the opening chapters is good, solid, and basic advice. It does not set out specific outfits or technical rules. Instead, it provides the reader with the building blocks that she or he can utilize to develop a winning personal style. Other chapters such as one on inspirations, and a wonderful section on fashion through the decades, provide further ideas and a bit of background into how fashion concepts are derived.

With attractive illustrations by Ruben Toledo, the book is also a joy to look at and is stylish in and of itself. I have left it sitting out for the illustrations alone.

This one is highly recommended. It is informative, well written, fun to read, and a joy to look at.

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