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Baviphat Korean Cosmetics

Baviphat is a new Korean skin care and cosmetics company that has some rather cute products. You can buy these at my favorite online shopping source for anything in Asian fashion and beauty, YesStyle, which has a great selection of Japanese and Korean makeup, fashion, and handbags.

L p0013360141 Baviphat Korean Cosmetics

Baviphat has some fascinating products, such as a paprika gel for treating red spots, a paprika whitening toner, and other paprika products for skin brightening. I’m rather interested in the paprika line and might order some items from it. If anyone reading this has tried it, let me know! They also make an acne drying solution that comes with its own applicators.

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Baviphat also makes a BB cream,  and I love the Baviphat Magic Girls BB Slim Solution Pact with SPF 50.  It is hard to beat a pressed blemish balm that has that high of a sun protection factor!

L p0013359805 Baviphat Korean Cosmetics

There are some great products coming out of Korea, and the Baviphat line looks rather promising. I am excited to try it!

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