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Hair Care Reviews: Nexxus and KMS

In my continuing search for products for my newly color treated hair, I tried products from Nexxus and KMS. Working on the theory that I would move up the price ladder as I go, I started with Nexxus Therappe Shampoo and Humectress Conditioner in half size tubes. The Nexxus products were acceptable, while I love the KMS hair products.

The Nexxus shampoo has a fairly creamy lather. Tangling was not absent, but it didn’t leave my hair too knotted up. The scent was nothing special – just your basic shampoo smell. The Nexxus conditioner was also acceptable, but not as good as I was searching for. It definitely did the job of detangling my fine hair and left it feeling very soft and smooth. But I had to use handfuls of the stuff! The half size tube that I purchased was almost gone after merely one week! Since the Nexxus products are mid-priced, I really wasn’t keen on the idea of paying for a new bottle every few weeks.

So with that in mind, I moved up the ladder to KMS. I used KMS many years ago, which was the last time I had color treated hair. I remembered being happy with it, so I sought it out at a local beauty store. I have now found my keeper shampoo and conditioner. Well “keeper” until I just can’t stop myself from trying something different out of curiosity….

KMS shampoo
KMS shampoo

I purchased the KMS Moistrepair shampoo and conditioner. At around $20 per bottle, you get what you pay for. The shampoo had a very nice creamy lather with a citrusy, pineapple smell. Unlike my experience with Burts Bees Color Keeper, which left my hair tangled, or the Nexxus product, which was merely acceptable in that area, the KMS shampoo had essentially no tangling other than the minor amount that would always occur during the shampooing process. The conditioner coated my hair well without using huge amounts, and quickly worked to smooth things out. Of course not having a mess of tangles to start with helped. I left the conditioner on for the recommended two minutes and found that it rinsed out nicely. No worries about residue. When I dried my hair and styled it, I was left with shiny, frizz free hair that felt as soft as it did before my coloring. I am hooked!

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