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Home Microdermabrasion: Spa Sciences Professional Skin Exfoliation System

DDF Revolve
DDF Home Microdermabration

Update: This product is no longer available. However, the DDF Revolve Mico Polishing System (pictured) is a newer and highly similar system that also works even better in my opinion.

Being a gadget freak, I always wanted to try one of the battery operated home microdermabrasion systems. So when I saw the Spa Sciences Professional Skin Exfoliation System on sale, I picked it up.

I was satisfied with the purchase. The Spa Sciences kit comes with a sponge tip and an abrasive creme. A bit of the creme is spread on the face, and the machine is used to rub it in over a period of two to four minutes for each area treated and around 15 to 20 minutes for the entire face.

Warning! This stuff is not for sensitive skin! It can easily leave a person red and/or irritated after use, and comes with a moisturizing creme for soothing the skin after each treatment. Anyone with sensitive skin or who is easily irritated by exfoliating products should use this and similar products with caution. Also, it is not a miracle machine that will erase your wrinkles, and it is not the equivalent of a professional microdermabrasion treatment. But I did find it to be an effective exfoliator, as is the L’oreal kit.

The product definitely exfoliated my face just as well as, or perhaps slightly better than, the L’oreal scrub kit and similar kits. I was a bit red and flushed after use, and I often am with scrub kits as well. That wore off over the next hour or so and my skin had that well exfoliated smoothness. The machine itself vibrates a lot, which took some getting used to. But otherwise it was quite comfortable to use.

The moisturizer that came with it for use after the treatment is OK. I didn’t love it and didn’t hate it.

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