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The Best Flat Iron! Sedu Revolution Flat Iron

sedu revolution flat iron review
Sedu Revolution Flat Iron

Have you ever tried a flat iron and found that it “grabbed” your hair, or that you had to run it through many times over to get any real straightening from it? Perhaps it left weird crimps? Those common complaints are cured by the Sedu Revolution Flat Iron. Although rather expensive, the Sedu Revolution is flat out the best flat iron out there in my opinion. It is  incredible and I think worth every penny! The Sedu literature explains the product as follows:

“The Sedu Revolution heat styling tool uses a recently developed process that utilizes nano technology to micronize particles of tourmaline, infusing them directly into the plates of the styling appliance. Tourmaline – a semi-precious gemstone known for its negative ion properties – in this superfine, micronized form, exudes a potent mass of negative ions, enabling the moisture to be sealed directly into the hair’s cuticle. This increased amount of ionic energy allows the hair appliance to give incredible ‘slip’ through the hair, while the revolutionary curved plates allow for added versatility with one styling tool.”

Promising smooth shiny hair with a variety of style options, the Sedu Revolution Flat Iron delivers. My experience with it was wonderful. I don’t have particularly difficult to straighten hair, but my hair does frizz easily when straightened and I like to flip the ends up or under. When I used the Sedu Revolution, I found that it straightened my hair in one pass for each section and left it incredibly smooth and shiny. The iron has curved edges that make flipping up the ends or folding them under very easy and without a crimp mark in sight. It heats up quickly and slides through the hair effortlessly with no grabbing or tangling. It has a variable heat setting and comes with a heat protecting pad that can help protect your counter when you lay the iron down. The pad also doubles as a soft storage bag. I did not have a problem with the iron making the counter top hot when set on its side, so the pad, while quite nice to have, is not essential.

Another thing I love about the Sedu flat iron is the ease of use. One pass per section makes it very quick and easy to use. I often lack the patience to deal with curling irons and such, but it takes me less time to dry my hair in a quick normal fashion and use the Sedu Revolution than it takes for me to round brush it straight with the dryer. It does a better job than the round brush for me too.

The Sedu Revolution can also be used to create curls. People don’t always realize it, but yes, the best flat irons really can be used to make curls. I have not tried that yet, but can see why it would be superior to other flat irons for curling the hair. The curved edges and lack of tangling would give it big leg up over other flat irons in that department.

I also had the opportunity to try Sedu Moisurizing Heat Protecting Boost. This heat protecting spray provides protection from heat damage and leaves the hair quite soft. I really love the Sedu heat protecting spray and have taken to using it regularly when I blow dry, whether I am using the flat iron or not.

The Sedu Revolution and related products, such as the heat protecting spray, are sold through Folica.com. If you are in the market for a quality flat iron, the Sedu Revolution is highly recommended.

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