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Skin MD Natural: Skin Shielding Lotion

Skin MD Shielding Lotion
Skin MD

Some time ago, back when the air was still cold and dry, I was sent a bottle of Skin MD Natural to try. What perfect timing! My hands were dry all winter and I found that this product helped quite a bit.

Skin MD is not a conventional moisturizer. Instead, it is a “shielding lotion” that acts as a protective barrier on the skin to keep out chemicals and irritants. This also allows natural oils to remain in the skin, hence preventing dryness.

With a number of good testimonials, I was looking forward to trying the product. I kept it in my purse and reapplied it fairly often over the course of several weeks. While it doesn’t feel like a moisturizing hand lotion so much, it does work, especially over time. It absorbs quickly and completely. Because of that, I initially didn’t feel like it did a lot for dryness. But after using it regularly, I found that indeed my hands were much less dry. I also found that if I applied a strong standard hand cream at night, then all I needed during the day was a few applications of the shielding lotion. After several weeks of use I was pretty well addicted!

Now that there is finally some moisture in the air, my hands are naturally less dry. But now I am finding that I reach for the Skin MD before I work in the yard or do cleaning. The shielding factor is nice for times when I know I will be doing things that tend to irritate or dry out my hands.

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