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MenScience Androceuticals: Comprehensive Skin Care for Men

MenScience SunblockSome time ago I agreed to take a look at some MenScience products, thinking that I would just toss them at Ken and get his opinions. Well, Ken is  a bit stubborn about trying things like eye cream, so it took awhile! In the meantime, I played with the products myself and used several of them over a decent period of time, which is always the ideal for testing skin care items. I was left wondering whether MenScience would consider making a WomenScience line as well. All of the products I tried were wonderful!

One of the more popular products is the Mens Science Ti02 Sunscreen. This SPF 30 sunscreen contain Titanium Dioxide as a physical blocker for broad spectrum protection. It also has various natural moisturizers, soothers, and green tea as a good antioxidant. The sunscreen really goes on nicely. Although it has titanium dioxide, it goes on clear and the product itself feels nicely moisturizing without feeling greasy. I like this sunscreen better than the Aveeno and Neutrogena Sunscreens that I previously reviewed. Ken seemed happy with this sunscreen to–when I could get him to wear it like he should (Grrr).

MenScience Microfine Face Scrub is a 2007 Men’s Health Magazine Grooming Awards winner. I can see why. It is a good product to keep and use in the shower. Just scrub with this every morning and the skin will be well prepped for shaving. Ken used this, and since I like to exfoliate in the shower, I used it as well. It is a good medium texture scrub that provides efficient exfoliation, but is not too harsh. Something I really like about it is that it doesn’t just provide manual exfoliation as a scrub, it contains my two favorite chemical exfoliators as well, salicylic acid and glycolic acid. It also has aloe vera extract and urea to moisturize, which helps prevent the product from feeling too harsh or drying. For men who shave, this combination is great not just for standard skin preparation, but also for preventing and treating ingrown hairs. For women who want a unique facial scrub, you could always get this for your man and then sneak it for yourself!

The MenScience Anti Aging Formula is a top notch formula for preventing fine lines and wrinkles. I couldn’t get Ken to care much about this, which turned out to be fine since I happily horded this product for myself! With a combination of Idebenone 0.5%, GABA, and Peptides (Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 and Palmitoyl Oligopeptides), the product does a nice job, especially over time, of smoothing up fine lines. I have personally had quite a bit of good results from using various peptide combinations and this one fit right in with that. The formula feels nice, absorbs well, and has no annoying scents, which I seem to find in some of the women’s formulations.

MenScience Eye RescueMy favorite of the products is the MenScience Eye Rescue Cream. When this product arrived I looked at it and basically saw my wish list of ingredients, including hyaluronic acid (one of my favorite moisturizers), shea butter (wonderful under the eyes), kojic acid (a lightener), vitamin C (a lightening antioxidant), vitamins E and K (antioxidant and lightening), co-enzyme Q (anti-aging), green tea extract (antioxidant and sun protection), and grapeseed (anti-aging). I don’t think a lot of Men appreciate this combination the way I do. Ken looked at me like I was an alien when I kept babbling about how great it was. I ran off with this one and I’m not sure that Ken ever really got to try it. And considering that he just won’t quite bring himself to use eye cream, that is fine with me. I want it all for myself! Apart from the impressive ingredient list, it is a really nice feeling eye cream that in all honesty has become my favorite. Whether you are male or female, if you are looking for a good all around eye cream, give this one a try. It is wonderful stuff! And guys, you really should be willing to use eye cream. Seriously!

Overall, if you are looking for quality Men’s skin care products, MenScience is well worth a look. Everything I tried was a quality product. The MenScience Website is full of useful information as well. Besides skin care products, MenScience also offers a line of nutritional supplements. If you are looking for a way to try out several products at once or for a good gift idea, also take a look at this MenScience Travel Kit.

MenScience Travel Kit

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