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Review: Rimmel Cosmetics Lip Products

Rimmel London Cosmetics is a drugstore line that makes some of my current favorite lip products, especially when used in combination. Unfortunately their website is difficult to operate and would not let me get to the product sections, so I am not linking to there. The newer Rimmel lip products also are not really easy to find online. But I did find links through a mix of sources. You can also find Rimmel products at various drugstores. I find that Meyer stores seem to carry the full line, while places like Target and Walgreens carry a smaller selection.Rimmel Vinyl Jelly lip liner pencil is a top favorite of mine. I imagine when I am doing top new product lists for the year, this will be on it. Unfortunately it is hard to find, both on and off line. The product comes in a pencil and applies like a pencil, but it really is a thick jelly/gloss like substance, that glides on, colors well and looks great! I love, love, love it. It also comes in some really nice colors that are brighter and more vibrant than many standard lip pencils. My favorite is number 004, sorbet, which is a bubblegum pink shade that looks great under other pinks, corals, or neutral mauves and plums. If you can find the Rimmel Vinyl Jelly pencil, I highly recommend that you buy it!

LoudMouth Lip Gloss (pictured right) is another new favorite of mine. The “gloss” is really more like a buildable, moisturizing, sheer lip stick. I have it in the shade pout, which is a light neutral pink. I tend to apply it in a couple of layers with a brush to build it up. At that point, it stays on pretty well and has a nice color to it. Otherwise, it is pretty sheer. LoudMouth comes in some deep shades as well that I imagine would also be buildable to the shade as seen in the pot.

Rimmel Gloss Over (pictured at top) is a pot with five strips of different gloss shades. It comes in a good variety of colors and is a pretty standard gloss. Most of the shades have quite a bit of glitter or sparkle in them, so I like it for adding that over otherwise matte lips.

Rimmel Jelly Gloss Sheer Lipgloss is a nice gel tube type of gloss that I think is pretty comparable to a bunch of other drugstore glosses that are out there. It is perfectly good and quite affordable. But I prefer Rimmel Vinyl Lip Lipgloss (pictured left). Vinyl Lip is high shine with a good amount of shimmer to it. It is pretty long lasting for a tube gloss, is not at all sticky, and tastes good to boot. I have it in the shade surreal, which tastes a bit like strawberry. The shade works well both alone and over a number of other colors. This is another product that I just love. Fortunately it is also a bit easier to find. More Rimmel Vinyl Lip Gloss

Take a look at Rimmel the next time you are at the drugstore. It is a quality, yet affordable line that is well worth exploring.

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