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M.A.C. Royal Assets Holiday Collection

M.A.C. Cosmetics Royal Assets Holiday Collection Red Lips PaletteThe M.A.C. Cosmetics Royal Assets Holiday Collection is perfect for gift giving. Packaged in beautiful palettes with both warm and cool colors, and further divided into four shade groups, there is something for everyone. Each palette contains a decent quality brush, and the whole thing comes in an attractive gift box.

For the lips, there are four different pallets with three shades in each: Coral lips, Red lips, Tan lips and Pink lips. Red (pictured) is my favorite to look at at and I am now trying to decide whether my ultra pale skin and fear of bright colors can pull off wearing it. I will be giving the tan lips palette away on Girl Gloss soon as part of a lip product giveaway. So keep an eye out there for that!

M.A.C. Cosmetics Royal Assets Holiday Smoky Eye PaletteFor the eyes, there are also four palettes: Warm, Cool, Smoky, and Metallic. Each palette contains a good brush. No cheap sponges in these!

I adore the smoky eye palette (pictured). The shades are gorgeous, work well together, and are pretty universally flattering for any skin tone.

I also really like the metallic palette and recently used shades from when I attended a party. Although it might not seem like it, metallics really can be quite easy to wear, and the shades provided in the Royal Assets collection are quite nice and would work with many skin tones.

The warm palette provides a nice standard selection, and if you like brighter shades in the cool tones, then the cool palette is worth looking at. I don’t tend to wear purples and such, but that palette tempts me to do so! I will be giving the cool eyes palette away in an upcoming contest, so stay tuned!

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