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Redken Smooth Down Conditioning Products

Redken Smooth Down ConditionerConsider this: Color treated, fine but also thick, dry hair. What should go on that? I tend to always be looking for the perfect set of products. The Redken Smooth Down line is pretty darn close!

I have been using Redken Smooth Down Conditioner for about a month now. Previously, I was using Redken Extreme, KMS, and/or Schwartzkopf Bonacure. Among those, this is now my favorite everyday conditioner. The conditioner is fairly thick, which I like for detangling. It also seems to provide more overall moisture and silkiness to my hair than the others. I still love Bonacure products and would normally say that Redken Smooth Down is a tie with Bonacure’s Repair Rescue, but Redken wins out because it is cheaper. I bought mine at in the extra large size, which is a great way to save even more on the product.

For deep treatment, Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat Deep Conditioner is another nice product. Comparable to Bonacure’s deep conditioner, Butter Treat does a nice job of super moisturizing the hair and leaving it incredibly soft. I have been using this about once per week and loving it!

Redken Smooth Down Leave in Detangler is a good companion product. It does a decent job detangling and acts as a bit of a heat protectant and leave in conditioner. I have to admit though that I like Redken 01 Anti-Frizz Polishing Milk better for that though.

The set can be completed with Redken Smooth Down Shampoo. I have not tried that yet, but plan to purchase it when my other shampoos run out.

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