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Kenra Hydrating Hair Products

Although I have several brands that I love for hair care, I keep experimenting whenever it comes time to purchase more hair products. One of my recent tries involved products from Kenra. As a bit of background, I have fairly long, dry, highlighted hair, that tends to be fine and flyaway. So it needs moisture and tangles easily.

Kenra Hair Kit Shampoo Conditioner Hair Spray
I’m quite happy with the results that I got from KENRA Moisturizing Shampoo Hydrating Formula for Added Moisture. Kenra’s moisturizing shampoo feels great with a very silky, rich lather and does not contribute to tangling in any manner. Another plus, and something that I think is needed for a higher price product to get my recommendation, is that only a small amount of the shampoo is needed to achieve a good amount of lather. Kenra fit that bill quite nicely, providing plenty of lather with a surprising small amount of product. This will easily become of the shampoos in my regular rotation.

KENRA Moisturizing Conditioner Deep Penetrating Formula for Maximum Hydration of Dry, Brittle & Coarse Hair is an OK conditioner. I would rave about it, except that it didn’t quite meet the needs of my hair type. The conditioner itself smells great (coconut scent), and like the shampoo, it provides some heavy duty moisture without using a ton of product. But it does not detangle really well until the rinsing stage. Basically, the conditioner has more of a thicker gel type of consistency that is not real conducive to running fingers through and detangling unless water is added. Once I got to rinsing, it detangled fairly nicely, but with my long hair, I need more serious detangling action. However, my hair did look and feel incredible after it was dry when using this product. So, while this one isn’t the perfect conditioner for me, I think it would be ideal for women with shorter, and perhaps coarser hair. Lacking experience with coarser hair, I’m not 100% sure though.

So overall I was happy, but will likely not purchase the conditioner again simply because of my hair type.  Kenra is also on the expensive side. So if you would to try several Kenra products at once, check out the KENRA Gift Set Promotion (pictured), which will save you 20%.

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