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Review: Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation

Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Mineral MakeupMaybelline has jumped on the mineral makeup bandwagon and released a full line of mineral cosmetics. It is also so new, that it isn’t on their website yet! However, it is in at Target and other stores, but selling out fast in my area of the Chicago suburbs.

Since I have been up to my ears in powder mineral makeup lately, I decided to give the liquid foundationicon a try first and will test the powder in upcoming weeks. However, if you are interested in the powder before then, Makeup Moxie has a great review of it. I also did note that it doesn’t seem to list fillers such as bismuth as an ingredient, and there appears to be a fairly decent range of shades, although I couldn’t get a great look at the store because so many were sold out!

The liquid mineral makeup is pretty darn good stuff with one big caveat– You need to have the skin type for it to see the best results. The coverage of the liquid mineral power is quite nice. Something more than sheer, but less than medium. I found it to be perfect for when you really need to cover up some redness but want your real skin to show through. It was not enough coverage to hide my melasma, but it was enough to lessen the appearance of it, which is what I often prefer for daytime looks anyway. At my age, less foundation is more, and I would rather have some spots showing through than look caked with makeup! The porcelain ivory shade was also perfect for me.

Unfortunately though, I don’t think the foundation is for me at this time of year when my skin is on the dry side. First off, it goes matte pretty fast. I would love that in the summer, but right now when I am a bit dry, it didn’t work as well. It wasn’t awful–I didn’t get overly flaky or anything–but I felt a bit too much on the dry side when I was wearing it.

Now here is where things get a bit interesting. When I first wrote this post, I was going to particularly recommend the Maybelline liquid minerals for oily skin because of its matte nature and because mineral makeup tends to be pretty friendly to acne prone skin. But then I read Jazmin’s review of it at Makeup Moxie. Jazmin, who was kind enough to let me use her photo of the product (Thanks!!!), has oily skin, and found that the foundation did not remain matte. In fact, she got oily again rather fast. The upshot is that I am beginning to think that this one is good for mainly normal skin that doesn’t go too far into the either the oily or dry side. Unfortunately, that limits its use for quite a few people!

The foundation also contains SPF 18. I imagine that I will happily use up the bottle that I purchased once spring arrives and I am ready for matte makeup again, but before summer when I start to get oily. If you like matte makeup, and don’t have partcualry oily or dry skin, you might want to give this a try. In that range, it is a nice makeup with a nice price tag to match.

One final note: Powder minerals tend to be quite freindly to dry skin, so hopefully that one will have a better skin type range. Keep watching for a future review!

Photo copywrite Makeup Moxie. Used with permission, all rights reserved.

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