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Eco-Tools: Affordable Makeup Brushes Full of Quality and and Conscious

I have a thing for makeup brushes and own a ridiculously large number of them, but my favorites within that number are few. Usually they tend to be on the expensive side and not synthetic. But once in awhile a line comes along that is affordable and manges to put out a quality synthetic product, such as Essence of Beauty Brushes (Read Review). Eco-Tools is another one of those quality lines that is very affordable. Add a bit of environmentally friendly aspects, and the line is a real winner!

Eco-Tools Makeup BrushesEco-tools make their brushes with bamboo handles, which provides both a low impact environmental effect and attractiveness. The ferule is also ecologically thoughtful, being made from recycled aluminum. The brushes come packaged in a reusable and bio-degradable sleeve; each with an earth-friendly tip on the back.

The synthetic taklon bristles do a perfectly good job of evenly applying makeup, and to my very pleasant surprise were very stable. Usually even the best cheap brushes lose a few hairs when they are new. That was not the case when I tried the eco-tools brushes. I was particularly impressed with the foundation brush. The last time I tried a synthetic foundation brush, I didn’t get great results, but this one worked just fine. In fact, it worked just as well as my favorite MAC foundation brush. I also have been using the powder brush nearly daily since I received it.Now here is the best part: These brushes run in th $4-$8 range and for $11, you can get a five piece set. That is pretty darn impressive!

Eco-tools also make a line of bath tools (I love the foot scrubber!) that are well worth checking out. The line can be found online or at select Walgreens, Kmart, or Ulta stores.

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