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Review: Dermaquest Dermaclear Acne Treatment

Dermaquest Skin Care Dermaclear Acne Treament Lotion










DermaQuest Skin Therapy Dermaclear (aka Rejuvaderm) has been my acne treatment of choice for the past six weeks. I chose it after careful research, searching for products with treatment ingredients that might also assist in treating melasma and that were non-comedogenic. Amazingly many of the drugstore acne treatment products, and some of the expensive ones as well, contain acne causing ingredients of fairly high concern.

I have been very pleased with my choice. As active treatment ingredients, Dermaclear contains Salicylic Acid 2%, Azelaic Acid 5%, and Glycolic Acid 10%. This is a fairly strong combination, especially with 10% Glycolic Acid, so those with sensitive skin might want tobe careful with this one because of the strength. Irritating your skin can actually cause acne. Personally, I like the high amount of Glycolic Acid and the addition of Azalaic Acid, because these do double duty for me by also treating melsama. The formula also contains ingredients to soothe inflammation, which makes the strength more tolerable. I have not experienced any issues with irritation or drying from the Dermaquest formulation, but my skin is not particularly sensitive either.

In my six weeks of use, my acne has cleared quite a bit. It hasn’t disappeared, and unfortunately I don’t think it is going to completely clear without a visit to the dermatologist. But I have seen a very large improvement. In addition to Dermaclear, I am using a Dermaquest cleanser and am alternating in Retin-A and DS Labs Trioxil (2011 update, Trioxil appears to now be discontinued) as my other primary acne treatments. I also rotate in DDF Fade Gel for melasma and acne treatment (read review). I will be posting a review of Trioxil in the next week or so.

At $60, Dermaclear is definitely on the expensive side. I find that I need very little, so it lasts fairly long though. I have found it worth the price and will repurchase this item when it is gone.


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