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Venus Embrace Razor and Satin Care Shave Gel

satin care Gillette has come out with a new version of the Venus razor, the Venus Embrace, which ups the blade count to five. I’m not sure that more is better when it comes to blade numbers, considering that I like my regular three blade razor just fine. But I will note that I found the Embrace to be a big improvement on earlier versions, none of which worked well for me. The new Embrace was functional for me and did not cut or irritate my legs, so perhaps those extra blades do add something?

In any event, I want to focus instead on a shaving cream that came with the razor that I was sent to try for review. I was pleased to find that I really liked the gel. Normally no single gel stands out much above any other for me, but this one did.

The Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel in Alluring Avocado is a pretty darn nice shave gel. With aloe, jasmine, and orange blossom, it has a fresh scent that I prefer over some of the more floral scented gels. It also has avocado oil, which has always worked well for me as a skin and hair conditioner. I think it is the combination of avocado oil and aloe that is the key. The gel seems a bit smoother, a bit more soothing, and definitely more moisturizing and conditioning for me than my regular gel, which also contains aloe, but not avocado. So this gel, gets a big thumbs up from me.

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