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Borghese Nail Lacquer Vernis: Not Recommended

It is not often that I do a truly negative review, but I’m afraid I have to on this one. I honestly don’t think people should pay $8 for this stuff.

I have liked the few Borghese spa products that I tried in the past and I know people love various skin care items from the company. So when I spotted Borghese branded nail polish at an Ulta store, I decided to give it a try. I think the company should stick to spa products!

The first thing I noticed about the polish was that the wand had a short stem with a fat and rather stiff brush on the end. Big packaging error! That combination made it nearly impossible to apply the polish without it getting all over my skin.  It also kept the polish from spreading evenly.  When I did get the polish on, it was very streaky on the first coat and still didn’t look very even after a second. It then chipped off nearly immediately. I am admittedly hard on nails, but on the second day of wear, the polish was so chipped that it looked like I had been wearing it for a week.

This is an $8 polish, which puts it in the mid-upper range. But I found it comparable to the cheapest drugstore kiddie brand. For better choices in the same price range try Essie or Orly.  OPI is also pretty acceptable with a huge range of color choices.  Sally Hansen Salon polishes also are an excellent value.

Sorry Borghese, I still love your spa products, but I just plain can’t recommend your nail lacquer!

Update: I have since tried this polish a second time. The brush, which has a split design, improves over use as it becomes less flat and more akin to a standard polish brush. But until then, I was still not particularly pleased with the polish. It is unfortunate as the shades are quite lovey, but in the end I recommend other brands.

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