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New E-Book! Leon’s Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets

Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets Ayerveda A fellow Splendicity beauty writer has come out with a really great e-book full of all natural anti-aging secrets and recipes. Leon’s Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets by Leon Rao is full of information, from suggestions for an anti-aging diet, to recipes for various skin care serums and lotions.

The diet chapter contains some great information and chart of antioxidant foods that I found quite handy. There is also neat list of various ethnic anti-aging foods. But what really shines are the multitude of recipes in this book. There is a section on Ayervedic recipes and then additional chapters coving cleansers, toners, masks, exfoliators, serums and more. There is even a recipe for lip balm and a chapter dedicated to an eyebrow and eyelash booster.

Throughout the book, Leon explains the purpose of the ingredients and provide clear direction for each recipe. For the do-it-yourself makeup and skin care fanatic, this book is a must have.

The e-book is 60 pages in color pdf format and is now available for $15—a great price for the wealth of information provided. Visit the purchase page to view chapter summaries and order.

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