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The Miche Handbag With Removable Shells, One Bag Multiple Personalities

The Miche Handbag (view at: the Miche website) with removable shells is is one of the more fun items that I have gotten to try. The bag is a good quality handbag that can be transformed into a multitude of looks. The handbag comes with a removable outer casing, so you can switch out looks to change the appearance of the bag.

miche handbag

The Miche handbag itself is good quality. It has a full zipper that snaps at one end so that the bag can fully open and expand. The shape is reminiscent of the older Kate Spade bags. The interchangeable leather shells come in a variety of materials and have metal feet, giving the bag a high end look and feel.

miche handbag shell

Switching the handbag’s appearance only takes a few seconds. Each shell is held on with credit card safe magnets, and changing just requires pulling the old one off and sticking the new one on. The covers stay in place very well and the look is attractive. When I show my Miche purse to friends, they invariably always end up wanting one!

The site sells base bags in black and brown and provides a good selection of shells. There are also some add on handle choices for the bags. I’m pretty hooked on my Miche handbag and plan to pick up some more shells for it!

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