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Fall Trends: Dior Five Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Earth Tones.

My cosmetic splurge this fall was the Christian Dior Five Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Earth Tones, and boy am I glad that I bought it! It is also a lesson in why you should step outside of your normal range of colors once in awhile. You might just find something perfect for you!

Christian Dior Eyeshadow Palette Earth Tones

Because I have blue eyes, I normally wear pink and brown shades, so two of the shades in the Dior palette were already up my alley, but I normally do not wear greens. I also tend to wear lighter shades over darker ones. Apparently I should wear greens and darker shades more often though, because the earthy greens in the Dior Earth Tones collection really lit up my skin tone.   The shades in this palette also are right in line with this fall’s trendy clothing and accessory colors. Below are swatches taken indoors with a spotlight and no flash:

Dior Eath Tones Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Try the pink/mauve shade as a base and then put the center green tone on the lid and use the darker green in the crease. It looks fabulous! For night or extra effect, line with the plum shade. Another good look with this palette is to do a smoky eye with the green shades and the brown, or for some real drama, use the light green on the lid and brow bone and the plum in the crease.

The Dior Palettes run around $55. That is a bit expensive, but the shadows are high quality with tons of pigment, especially in the darker shades. The value also isn’t all that bad if you buy the Dior Five Colour Eye Shadow Palettes. At that point it is only around $11 per shade. The palette includes a mirror and two sponge applicators.

I adore this one. It is probably the best cosmetic purchase that I have made all year!

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