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Beauty Fix: Your Subscription for Beauty Products

If you like to try new beauty products, Beauty Fix is a great deal. For $50 each quarter, you receive a nice little case filled with full size or large sized samples of a variety of products. The items are chosen by a panel of beauty experts, so you can trust that you are getting some good stuff!

I received one to take a look at and boy was I impressed!

Beauty Fix Samples

For $50, there is a lot of product in the shipment, and it is good product too. No junk items. The first Beauty Fix kit advertises that it contains $400 worth of items. It also comes with a nice informational book that describes the items and how to use them.  As a Beauty Fix member, you are able to order products at a discount and take part in reviews and forums on the Beauty Fix website.

As a side note, a year or so ago, I tried out the New Beauty Test Tube, which is a similar type of program, except that it has less product and less information. I eventually canceled that because I wanted a bit more quality. Beauty Fix has done what I was looking for back then. So if you are one of those who was unhappy with the Test Tube items, or if you like the Test Tube but want even more product and a better value, you might want to give Beauty Fix a try.

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