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Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash

Marc Jacobs cucumber splash

Update: this item can be hard to find, here is a current link for it: Marc Jacobs Cucumber.

Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash is back! I adore this fragrance. You see, I am not much of a perfume person. I don’t care for most of them, unless they have a very natural and clean smell.

Marc Jacobs cucumber splash is one of those that I really like. This fragrance is light (it is labeled as a “splash”) and while I don’t know that it really smells like cucumber, it has a fresh, clean fragrance that seems natural to me.  This is a great scent for everyday wear and for outdoor casual activities.

I also must add that I have had more compliments wearing Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash than I have had with any other fragrance. Actually, I don’t think I have gotten many compliments at all on other perfumes, but cucumber splash has drawn good remarks on multiple occasions.

Another one I really like is Marc Jacobs Grapefruit Splash , which also has a fresh and light citrus oriented fragrance, although it seems slightly more perfumed to me.

These tend to be limited edition (the first cucumber splash was out two years ago for only a short time). So if you want one, procrastination isn’t a good idea!

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