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Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Exfoliating Treatment

Boy do I love this exfoliator! This one will definitely make my best of the year list, and I have use very little else since I bought it.

Update: This product now comes in a tube instead of a tub, which is a huge improvement in my opinion because my tub was having some issues pumping the product after it started getting past half used.


Kate Somerville ExfoliKate is a combination of a light scrub and an enzyme exfoliator that gives a rather powerful, but still fairly gentle feeling exfoliation. The scrub is packaged in a tub with a push top that puts out just the right amount for a light application. It is applied to damp skin and during application feels like a light scrub.  Once on, it is left on the skin for  at least 20- 30 seconds (although I usually go longer), during which its enzymes go to work. You can feel the tingle of it working, but it isn’t anything too heavy.  Then the product is washed off.

I love the results that I get from ExfoliKate. It works like a good scrub, but does not feel irritating and my skin always looks fresh after using it.  Anyone who likes a light scrub and also like enzyme masks would probably be a fan of this one. I use ExfoliKate about three times per week to help with skin turnover as part of my acne and melasma treatment.

Because there is some tingling and such connected with ExfoliKate, those with sensitive skin might want to be cautious. Kate Summerville does make a sensitive skin version: Kate Somerville ExfoliKate® Gentle Exfoliating Treatment.

I have read good things about the entire Kate Somerville line. It is a bit expensive, but based on my good experiences with ExfoliKate, I will likely try a few more items.  One option for trying a number of items is through one of the kits the brand also offers (see the link above with will also show more products from the line).

ExfoliKate tends to sell at around $85 for the standard ExfoliKate, and $65 for ExfoliKate Gentle. That is pricey, but the tub is decent sized and not much needs to be used for each application. This is a product that I will repurchase when my current tub is gone, and I am a bit of a cheapskate!


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